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23 Mar, 2012

Running moves you forward in more ways than one.

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A quick post today, because I just can’t wait to get home, go outside and go for a nice run in the woods with the sun shining on me :)

Friday is my official Weigh In day : it’s what I use as my official weight and I’m not supposed to check my scale any other day of the week.

Of course, as probably 80% of the people who are dieting, I can’t help it but to have a quick check every morning to see how my body is reacting to whatever I ate the day before. Sometimes it’s good surprise, but most of the time you just get angry at the water weight your a-bit-too-salty dinner kept in your tummy :/

My weigh in was at 140.6 pounds this morning, meaning I lost 0.6 pounds compared to last friday. I saw 140.0 pounds a couple of tims this week, but hey, 0.6 pounds of loss is still really good. I’m getting closer and closer to goal weight!

I planned to go for a weight as soon as I got home today. The sun is amazing and it’s supposed to be 14 degrees outside. Last wednesday, I gave a try to the trails close to my place : it’s lovely, it runs next to a river, in the wood, it’s peaceful, quiet and gorgeous. However, they’re full of snow during the winter and full of mud during the spring. But when I went last wednesday, to my great surprise they were almost all dry!

The run was so nice, it is always a great feeling to run in the trails, the impacts on your joints (especially knees) is significantly lower. I can’t wait to go tonight, even if it wasn’t planned in my training program!

Isn’t a great thing? A few months ago, I had to kick myself in the *ss to get some motivation to actually the runs of my running program. Now I add runs to it just because I feel like going… Talk about changing a person.

On another train of thought, I saw something funny related to running on the 9gags website the other day. When I run, I always feel so fierce and powerful…

My illusions are destroyed!



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