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22 Mar, 2012

When your weight loss eclipses the fact that the hairdresser messed up your hair.

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Hello, there!

Something weird happened today : it was a good and a bad thing at the same time.

I went at the hair salon this morning. Took my morning off from the lab to go, my hair was really a MESS. No style and my bang had grow so much that I felt I looked a bit like that :

Poor doggy.

My hairdresser appointment was much needed and I was really looking forward to it.

I started going to this Hairdressing school a few months ago. All my friends find that I should get a medal for having the courage to go there. I have to admit that the hall of the room is a bit crappy : it’s full of fake plastic head with different hairdo that I guess the students practiced on. But except that, they’re really professionnal and their teachers are always around, checking all the important steps of the appointment (plus it’s really cheap, and my student-full-of-debt credit card really likes it).

Last time I was there, I got a really blunt bang for the first time. I never had one in my entire LIFE (not even as a kid). It was gorgeous, I look super trendy and I fell in love with it. So today I asked to get my hair iron-straighten (I’m really curly, but I straighten them everyday at home) and to re-do my bang.


I tried to smile and everything because the girl was so young and so sweet, but seriously, my bang is all bumpy, too short and she really had a great deal of trouble with the iron thingy.

So I was getting back to the lab by noon, a bit down from all of this when I met a friend of mine in the parking lot. We were both super busy lately, so we did not see each other for a long time. When I saw here waving happily at me, I was like ”Yeah, go meet people you haven’t seen in ages with your crappy hair!”

But you know what was the amazing part of the story?

She spent the 15 minutes we were chatting telling me how good I look, how skinny I got and how my weight loss results were fantastic. No words on the crappy hair.

So, 1 of 3 things :

1. She really was that overwhelmed by my body that she didn’t notice my hair ;

2. She noticed my hair but was nice enough to just talk about the good things of my weight loss ;

3. My hair always looks crappy and she saw no difference today compared to the usual ;)

One way or the other, what a nice way to make you forget about capillar issues! Thanx, K.!

… and I felt fabulous for the rest of the day. Yay!

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