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19 Mar, 2012

One pound at a time

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Hi, fellow bloggers.

I’ve never been much of a blogger. I always loved to write : my ideas are so messy in my mind that putting them down on a paper or a screen always releived me. It was like making a way so all the screaming in my head could find a way out. And it is much cheaper than a therapist.

But I never was much of a blogger, as I said. I had a few blogs, wrote a few entries and ended up quitting after a few posts. I think I felt that rambling about random stuff wasn’t leading me anywhere, anyhow.

Why so different this time?

Because right now I am currently at the end on my original weight loss journey and at the same time at the beginning of my ”getting fit” journey. And that’s something that I feel it’s important to share… because there is SO much to share about it! A weight loss journey is an emotional, hard and long process that can be hard to keep to yourself.

Because sometimes, you just really want to scream to the world that your scale is the worst scale in the entire world (been there, done that) or just go dancing in the streets because you finally broke through your 1 month-plateau(been there, done that too!). And even if you family, kids and friends are there with you and have been supporting you all along, there is stuff that you just can’t understand if you haven’t been trying to loose weight.

Oh, and well, I guess some kind of accountability would’nt hurt either!

So, here’s to accountability and success!


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