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30 Mar, 2012

And that day came along.

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Hello, bloggers!
From the introducing picture, you were probably able to guess that :
I REEEEEACHHHH GOOOOAAAAALLLL!!! GGGGgggggOOOOOooooooAAAAAaaaaaLLLLLLLlllllllLLLL!!!!!! (sorry, Iwas letting out my inner 13 years old girl I think).
So today, on March 30th, on a cold but yet sunny day, on the day of my brother’s brithday (Happy birthday, bro!), I reached my weight goal that [...]

29 Mar, 2012

Do more of what makes you happy.

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I can ASSURE you that last night, running in the cold, drizzling rain/snow wasn’t exacly the definition of what makes you happy. I wasn’t the LET’S PLAY LET’S PLAY puppy of the picture above! I would have been more than happy at home, in my blanket with a tea ;)
I went anyway. Because, I had [...]

I have to admit that I picked the image/quote from Jane Austen this morning before exactly knowing what I was gonna blog about today. I thought the quote was inspiring, espicially for someone who is trying to make healthier and permanent changes in his/her life. (And I admit it, I’m a HUGE fan of Jane [...]

27 Mar, 2012

Just do it.

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I feel soooo much better in my body and in my head if I compare to yesteday!
I ended up going for my 11k run last night. It was cold and super windy : you know, when you have to lean over a bit to just fight the wind? Well, it was that situation last night.
After [...]


26 Mar, 2012

A weekend to forget.

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Disclaimer : that post is going to be a long and annoying rant.
I had the worst weekend EVER. In term of calories tracking AND relaxing/having fun.
Everything started out great on friday. I had a piece of dessert at the weekly lab meeting friday afternoon for the birthday of a friend/collegue. It was 450 calories that [...]

23 Mar, 2012

Running moves you forward in more ways than one.

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A quick post today, because I just can’t wait to get home, go outside and go for a nice run in the woods with the sun shining on me :)
Friday is my official Weigh In day : it’s what I use as my official weight and I’m not supposed to check my scale any other [...]


Hello, there!
Something weird happened today : it was a good and a bad thing at the same time.
I went at the hair salon this morning. Took my morning off from the lab to go, my hair was really a MESS. No style and my bang had grow so much that I felt I looked a [...]

21 Mar, 2012

My Patronus charm worked like a charm.

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Good morning!
This morning, I’m celebrating an anniversary : this blog is officially the blog I updated the most in my entire life (and yes, this is only my fourth post). That gives you an idea on how I was lazy about my others blog. I’m throwing all my hopes in the accountability basket, here.
Last night, [...]

20 Mar, 2012

October 2010 to March 2012.

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Hello, whoever you are, who randomly happened to click on this page!
One thing I love about training is when you suddenly realize that you improved at something. You know, the little feeling, the click in your head that pops ”God, I wasn’t able to do that (insert random numbers of weeks here) ago!” I just [...]

Hello there!
I felt that for the people to understand where I’m going, it’d be useful to understand where I am coming from.
I wasn’t overweight growing up. I still have trouble to understand it though : my mom was an awesome cook, and I was born and raise in a family where you eat all your [...]