My Story Featured In The Obesity Podcast

It was cool to hear my weight loss story, featured in the “Obesity: The True American Dream” postcast by Brian Greene. I’m happy I could help another person to make their first step towards losing fat. Brian has found a great way for accountability, by going extremely public with his diet and workout journal. Listen […]

Before and After

Here comes… pamparammm! I have lost a few kilos of fat and put on a few kilos of muscle, so the number on my scale show about 1.5kg drop since 2 months back, but my clothes are still getting smaller. Actually, I think I lost most of that fat in the first 3 weeks and […]

Here’s How I Eat

(The link for instant download) I worked hard all winter to sketch down my menu, do all the calculations and read tons of scientific articles. I did all the work with these points in mind: my eating habits must provide my body with all the vitamins every day! As usual, I saw how 80% people […]

And Off I Go!

Bye bye my dearies! I’m on holiday now 🙂 I can’t promise any pictures in real time, but I will make an effort to keep taking progress/regress photos and deal with publishing once I’m back. Muah!

A Historical Moment!

See that? It says 76.9kg! The last reported time I got below 77kg was on March 20, 2008 (=4 years ago) and it was HARD back then! I had no clue about nutrition or workout and believed all food to be my enemy, put into this world to make all women fat and for no […]

A Picture a Day: Day 16

Random Abs routine today: 12 Bicycle + 12 Rollback + 20 Push Through + 8 Leg Lift. I’m so excited! Last night I had a long conversation with my mom’s friend who asked for some weight loss advice. I promised to adjust my weekly meal plan for her, so I’m at it right now! Also, […]

It’s one of THOSE days

Too much stress yesterday + too cold weather today + those 15km/1h45min skiing yesterday = overeating… I promise to stay away from the geographical point that stresses me that much each time I’m there! It’s time that the people who I go there for come to me now – better for everyone. And I didn’t […]

Sugar binge again

Today I *mostly* followed The Plan, but in the evening went crazy again and crabbed the super fat super sugary dessert called Cat Arthur’s Cake from the supermarket on my way home. And you know what? I enjoyed every bit of it except for the last bit, because 200g of this cake (sugar, butter and […]

I did well on Monday & Tuesday

Reporting back after 2 days of following a preset menu. On Monday I did well and followed the menu to the point: Choco Coco Oatmeal with slight modifications for breakfast (oh, this was heavy but SO yum!) and coffee w/ 50ml 2.5% fat milk (which is my one addiction that I have given up giving […]

A moment of truth

Without thinking, I deleted my weight loss tracker chart from October to December, that showed a steady dropping line that ended with my incredulous first goal weight at the precise goal date. I lived to regret it, because it would be such a nice addition to my archives. But the reason why I deleted it […]