breakfast: 1/2 banana, 1/2 ww bagel with light cream cheese and proscuitto, coffee with almond milk and some egg whites with lite cheese after the gym

lunch: 1/2 cup of WW pasta (150), 6 vegan meatballs (140), ½ cup of sauce (50), spinach (25), mushrooms (20), 1 tbsp parmesean cheese (20)-355

snack: some caramel popcorn and a pretzel roll. (goal tomorrow is ONLY to eat the snacks I bring, which is fruit and healthy things.)

dinner: some tjs fried rice and chicken dumplings. and 2 oreos–booo!

workout: 45 min easy cardio (need to increase it up tomorrow), and 30 min weights and abs:

water: so far so good

sleep: goodish, but still need to get in bed earlier tonight

no matter what, unofficial weigh in tommorrow am–need to see where im at and where I need to go!!!

im getting up to work out AND weigh in tomorrrow am which WILL be ughly, but its time to face the facts, sadly. maybe this will finally light the fire under my butt to be and stay on track! i hope!!