Breakfast: ½ bagel-120 calories ,light cream cheese-70, ½ banana: 120 calories, coffee with almond milk-60, egg whites, 75-total: 445 calories

lunch: 8 mini steamed chicken wontons-100, 1 cup veggies-45, sauces-100, 1/3 cup brown rice-80, tofu-70, total: 365

snack: 1 tangerines 50, 1 cup blackberries-70–120

dinner: “light” mac and cheese (280), and some mini beef tacos (150)- 430

total: 1360–def higher than i wanted

workout: 40 min cardio, 30 min weights and abs

water: so so

sleep: okay

today was an okay day–i stayed at work WAY later than I had planned, so I ate more than i wanted at dinner just being so hungry AND i wont make it to the gym tomorrow am due to not having enough time to get a good night sleep that way.  BUT i am planning on leaving work at a normal time tomorrow and if possible, come home and get my gym clothes on and it at least do an hour of some workout at the gym.

but, definitely going to the gym Monday AM and FOR SURE unofficial weigh in by Wednesday or Thursday and OFFICIAL weigh in on Friday…just need to find myself some accountability!