I need to get it together!! Between halloween and being sick, I’ve gotten off track for the billionth time. ┬áBut, I need to get myself back together and on track and losing weight and in Onederland ASAP.


get back to 1200 cals a day and being ON TRACK with food. ALSO must get back to recording and blogging ALL food.

Must be drinking WAY more water

Need to sleep 7-8 hours a night and get back on my good sleep schedule so I can go back to getting to the gym in the AM starting Sunday

MUST get back to the gym in the AM all week next starting Sunday am, and all week before work!!

Also, WILL start unofficial weigh ins on Monday or Tuesday and post it on the 3fc daily weigh-ins post to stay on track!!

I can’t get off track again!! I need to start losing weight and look better by the holidays!! I must look good by then and I still have 2 months–I CAN DO IT!!! 2 months is significant!!!

How do you all STAY ON TRACK, FOCUSED and MOTIVATED??!!?

Back to blogging by Sunday!!!

also, i have to go to the doctor soon and i’m SO scared of getting weighed, so I need to be in Onederland ASAP so i dont burst into tears of shame and sadness.

must get it together!!!!