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lapband February 19, 2012

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after a lot of research, questioning, talking, and soul searching I have decided to get the Lapband. .  I have 19 lbs to lose.  I don’t want to do gastric bypass.  Too drastic for me.   Thoughts?


Still trying September 26, 2010

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Sunday afternoon.  Home alone.  This is Hubby’s monday and kind of a wierd day of the week for me.  It goes from being busy to him being home Friday and Saturday to nothing but quiet.  Thought I would check in here before I clean the bathroom and the kitchen.  I waited and the cleaning fairy did not come to see me.  Dang!

Nothing new and exciting.  Hate being fat.  Hate dieting!  It’s a vicious circle I have caught myself up in. 


It’s Already September?! September 12, 2010

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Life has been busy mostly with hubby working a mixed schedule but he just went to swing permanently so that leaves me a lot of alone time in the late afternoon and evening.  Lucky you!  I get to spend more time on here and hopefully get my fat a$$ back into gear.

Had a very busy summer.  It seems like every weekend had something going on.  Started the summer by going to Hawaii and taking the family and going with another family.  Good times but not as relaxing as just going with hubby.  Love it there and already planning the next trip.  Went to Las Vegas as well.  Hot and smokey but but.  Nothing relaxing there at all. We did see Santana and he had Chris Daughtry, Gavin Rosdale, India.Arie and Dave Matthews on the keyboards.  Great concert!  We went to a play, Tony and Tina’s wedding.  If you haven’t gone to their wedding, you must. Fun time with lots of laughs.  My daughter turned 30 so we bought her a ring from Tiffany’s.  My motto is every girl deserves a little blue box.  I have never had one but you should have seen the look on her face when she pulled it out.  PRICELESS!  The day of her birthday, we ate at Serendipity’s and saw Hell’s Kitchens very own Gordon Ramsey.  My daughter asked if she could take her picture with him as it was her birthday and he agreed.  He also kissed her on both cheeks as he wished her happy birthday.  A very nice man who, according to my daughter, has a very soft face.

Back to the task of losing weight.  That is another story I am not in the mood to talk about right now.  But I’ll be back. I look forward to catching up with everyone and being motivated by this incredible group.



Feeling good, feeling fine, feeling groovy February 1, 2010

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I have been very happy lately.  As long as I don’t think about my family that is. But why ruin a good post?  Let’s talk about the positive.  I don’t have a full time job, but I am not going hungry (obviously).  Things are stable at home and it is nice to come home.  I have been getting rid of so much crap it’s not funny.  Still selling things on Ebay and Amazon.  LIfe could be better but it could be soooooo much worse that I will enjoy what I have and not focus on what I don’t.  If I don’t have it by now, I probably won’t.  I can only control so much of the universe and as for the rest of it, it’s on it’s own.  However, if anyone ever needs a shoulder to lean on or a hug or an ear, I’ll always be there.

Water was turned on within a couple of hours on the day it was shut off.  Hubby is none the wiser.  No need to  be.  My job is to handle the bills and it was handled.  HOWEVER, if he ever asked me about it, I would tell him.

Got nails put on.  No nail biting for four weeks.  They look so good!  Now to sew my lips shut!!!!!



NO scale January 20, 2010

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I have decided the scale is my enemy.  I am not going to weigh myself all the time anymore.  I am only going to do it once a month.  I bought a cute little journal book that fits in my purse and I am going to do like they tell you to, WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN!  I have avoided it up to this point and I don’t think my way is working.

I am also working on not biting my fingernails.  At least long enough to get tips put on.  They are ugly in a bad way as I am a chronic nail biter and will bite them so low that people are amazed and want to look at them.  I haven’t bitten them in over two weeks and for me, they are long! LOL!  I don’t want to be judged by my hands and they are one of the easiest things to fix!

My water got cut off today!  I am such a loser.  I have been on my own since 18 and have NEVER had this happen.  But I put off paying bills last month and thought I’d catch up this month.  Well, I did but too late.  I saw the guy and smacked my forehead.  I have the money to pay it.  I just didn’t.  Well, now I did.  I need to water back on before hubby comes home and finds out.  UGH!  Where is my head? (don’t answer that) The nice lady said it will be back on before 5 today.

TIred of being fat, again, still…

Going to Hawaii in June.  Need to be able to hike Diamond Head.


It’s not nice to disappear! January 11, 2010

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HI everyone!  I’m back.  Not that I have been gone, just haven’t been on here.  I felt guilty too like I was ignoring my good friends!  Sorry. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  I do love it.  I don’t care what anyone says.  It’s beautiful with all the lights and all the parties. 

Got rid of the in laws.  What a nightmare!  It is what it is though.  I am fine with them but my husband is a little miffed with them.  His feathers get ruffled easily though.  He does have a point, he has an emotional investment with his sister and I do not.  They were with us a long 4 months.  Sad, but never again.  At least not for them.  I am always willing to help people though.  Oh, especially since I watched, The Blind Side. 

I am not thin.  Yet!  Ha!  Did not make it to the October date.  But have a new one.  June.  I have to lose some weight and start exercising so when I go to see my doctor, she won’t be mad at me.  It’s scary. 

Happy New Year old and new friends.  I don’t know about you, but I quit making resolutions a long time ago.  If I have to wait until Januaury to start something new, well I am wasting a lot of time in between.

I have been going through closets and getting rid of things.  7 black bags full of stuff to donate and 3 to throw away.  Oh there will be more.  It feels so good and my closets look so nice.  I want to show them off to everyone.  I even organized my utensil drawer and silverware drawer.  Very nice. 

Much love to all of you and talk to you soon.


It’s Unbelievable July 27, 2009

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And I don’t mean in a good way.  The SIL and BIL have moved in.  They have been here almost two months.  It is horrible.  I am so unhappy it’s not even funny.  My husband has jumped my ass at least once a week since they moved in.  It’s like he gets unhappy with them and I get it.  Lock, stock, and both barrels.  I work part time as you may or may not know.  I get paid a good wage to work part time. In short I can make part time what a lot of people make full time.  The other day I got it thrown in my face that I only work 4-5 hours a day and should be able to do MORE around the house.  I admit, our room is very disorganized right now.  It kind of became the dumping ground for everything moved out of the spare room that the B&SIL have taken over.  And I need to find NEW space for everything.  Feeling overwhelmed as it is hasn’t worked well for me in organizing things.  But first I get that I didn’t park the car in the garage correctly, I didn’t plant the plants we bought the day before, I was taking a nap when he came in the door, and our room is a mess.  I seem to have time to do things with my friends but am tired when I am at home.  In the past month, I went out with friends I haven’t seen in 1 year and 24 years on the same night.  And I went to a No Doubt concert for a group birthday.

What was the event that sparked all of this?  Hubby caught S&BIL smoking on the back porch when he had asked them to not smoke near the house anymore because we can’t stand it.  They smoke three packs a day and it’s too much.  One cannont enjoy a swim in the pool or a conversation unless you want to smell smoke.  Okay, and inhale it too.  Come to find out they have been sneaking around like teenagers smoking.  So he semi explodes on them and I get the wrath for not one but count ’em two days.

They don’t work.  Haven’t been able to find jobs but unless the job is listed on the internet or a resume can be faxed in, they aren’t applying.  Maybe people don’t go out and look for jobs anymore.  I don’t know. BIL hasn’t really worked in over five years.  He decided at 55 he wanted to retire.  Good if you can afford it.  Obviously, not a good move for them.   They are both at least 100 pounds overweight and lazy.

Guess how many time S or BIL have cooked since they have been here?  Done guessing?  One time.  That’s right.  And there wasn’t even enough food for everyone.  LOL  I am not kidding.

What I have noticed is that hubby works nights two nights a week.  On those nights, they go out to dinner because I do not cook. The other nights, they wait for dinner.  I have experimented and not cooked until 8 at night which is not in my style and they will wait until then to eat.  The night we were fighting like cats and dogs, I came out and they were sitting there.  When I finally decided I was starving and put some chicken breasts on to grill, SIL asked if she could “help”  Are you fudging kidding me?  NO!  I can season some chicken and throw it on a grill and make rice.    My son in law comes over once a week and makes dinner for us because that is what he has always done.  Don’t say SIL feels uncomfortable in MY kitchen.  First of all, I am not territorial and second of all, she rearranged the entire thing and the only thing she uses is the toaster to make toast in the morning.  She moved it lower because I had it on a high shelf.   I am not sure why she rearranged the kitchen but she complained to my hubby that I wouldn’t “let” her but she never discussed it with me.  SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Maybe you are thinking, Bobbie you are a dumbshit get rid of these people.  It is not my place and hubby doesn’t agree that they need to leave.  Besides, they have no money and no jobs and according to him, they can’t do anything for two years.  Yes, 24 months.

I keep hoping that things will get better.  That they will get jobs and not always be around.  They don’t go out when hubby is home.  Heaven forbid should we be alone.  They are alone all day long when we are working.

I am lost and tired.  Tomorrow I will go and talk to Cheryl, my therapist.  I will remind myself to breath.  And Anngirl, let’s meet for cocktails and snacks and laugh until our faces hurt and our eyes water.  Even the thought of that just made me smile.

I feel so overloaded I can’t put things down in words.  Maybe I have been afriad if what I would write.  Or maybe, like now, I can’t stop once I start.

I love you chicks.  We are strong.  We are beautiful.   l

Sorry, Im not spell checking.  Goodnight


Unfavorable smells June 28, 2009

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So, my husband’s sister and husband have moved in with us.  They brought with them a dog named, Bailey.  We don’t have a dog.  Since the dog has been here it has crapped on the brand new carpet six times and just pissed in the room I am in.  It came in here and just did it.  Hubbie has talked to dear sister about this issue and she just tears up.  This is not acceptable to me.  I am having to spray my carpets with cleaner because the dog is obviously not house broken.  I thought all dogs either stayed in a crate, went outside, or went with their owners when the owners left.   I did not know that dogs just stayed around the house all day left to get into garbage cans and piss and poop whereever they felt like.  The dog is an expensive one too.  A pekingese.  It means nothing too me just that someone spent too much money on a stupid dog they didn’t train.   I found out earlier tonight the dog took a crap on their bed earlier.  I mentioned they could wash the cover in the washer but they indicated it was okay because they sprayed the cover.  They also thew in the fact that the dog has never done anything like this before.  I find that hard to believe and wonder how you could love let alone like something that is damned and determined to crap and piss everywhere.  The stupid dogs tongue doesn’t even fit in its mouth.  I am upset because now I have piss on my toes where I stepped in it.

Yes, these are the in laws that lost their home because they spent all their money and the husband hasn’t had a real job in five years.

They smoke too.  So I may die of second hand smoke unless they keep thier promise and quit.  They smoke three packs a day.  Today I was out by the pool and had to keep smelling their smoke.  Give it a break.  Do people really smoke all the flippin’ day long.  I hope they quit for all of our sakes.  July 5th I am putting everyone on WW again.  They know it too.  I told them to enjoy life right now because July 5th the hammer comes down.  They need to lose at least 100 pounds each.

I just got my office back after two weeks.  Sister In laws daughter came out to visit.  She left today. She was nice – this is the first time that I met her.  It’s just been too much though with everything.  My snowglobe world has been shaken up in a major way.  I look forward to the calm.  Not sure what to do about the dog…


It’s Sunday April 19, 2009

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It’s Sunday.   The night I am home alone.  Well, unless you count the two kitties that roam the house.  Otherwise it is just me.  At 44 years old, I am pondering my life and the meaning of everything.  Past decisions, future decisions, decisions I never made…  I wish I would have had a better grasp on things when I was younger.  I wish I would have had parents worth a damn.  I think that may have helped.  I am not sure.  Maybe my daughter will feel the same about me.  I don’t know.  I know one thing about me, I tend to make decisions based upon how much they will affect other people.  The less people affected, the easier the decision.   It sucks.  Too bad about how I feel.   So, I will go on with my life, much as I have.  Going forward, learning new things, developing new skills and trying to lose weight.  For such an obsessive control freak you would think I would have that dialed in.  NOPE!  But I do know how to take care of myself and help myself grow.  It’s just sad when you realize that John Wayne was just an actor in a movie and Superman never existed and June Cleaver was a television mom and the job at the brewery that LaVerne and Shirley had sucked.  Oh reality!  That’s why I don’t watch it on tv.  I get enough of it daily. 

I am greatful for good freinds

I am greatful for my health

I am greatful for my granddaughter and daughter

Every day I will remind myself to be greatful of what I do have. 


Shirataki Noodles April 12, 2009

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So I just found out about these good for you noodles.  I am looking for anthing to replace pasta.  Shirataki Noodles.  Has anyone used them or ate them or have an opinion about them?  I know I can go to the Asian market and get them.  Yum.  Now if I could find some good for you rice.  Not whole grain.  It’s okay but it really doesn’t make me smile like good old fashioned white, non-nutritional value, don’t eat too much, rice




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