A Good Week

So, last week I was offered and accepted a permanent, full time job- something I’ve been looking for for the past year and a half. I also lost 4 pounds! Things are really looking up. (It’s not really four pounds in one week- I’m sure that I had pre-menstrual water weight last week, which is why the scale barely budged, so I’m really averaging around 2 pounds a week- which is so super! I’m so excited about losing weight- this is really going to happen. I hit my first mini-goal this week- more than 5 pounds lost! (Actually 8, so, hooray!)

I bought a bunch of new clothes for my new job this weekend, and I like them and I know that I deserve to have nice clothes that fit at any size, but I’m really looking forward to at least being able to shop in the plus size department of a regular department store. There’s only one store around here (Catherine’s) that regularly stocks clothes in my size. And I’m fine with Catherine’s, but I think I should be able to shop in more than one store.

I went to the gym once last week. I walked on the treadmill- I did a whole mile at 3.0 MPH. That might not sound like much, but I wasn’t even sure I could do it. I quit smoking the day after my birthday, and it seems to have really made a difference in my lung capacity. Unfortunately, I think I pulled my Achilles tendon with my exhuberance, because the back of my heel hurt and felt tight for a couple of days afterwards, so I didn’t go back to the gym so that I could let it rest and heal. I’m really pissed about this, because I really, really enjoyed pushing myself that hard, but I definitely don’t want to keep injuring myself. I might have to see if I can fit swimming into my schedule, because that’s the only thing I can do where I know I won’t injure myself. But I really, really want to run someday.

I was aiming for 2200 calories a day this week, and I hit 2450 instead, but it seems to be working so I think I’m going to keep aiming for 2200 a day with an expectation of 2200-2400 daily average for the week. I’m really annoyed that I went so far over my goal yesterday, but I couldn’t say no to either restaurant portions or my mother’s offer of ice cream and strawberries after dinner. I guess I’m not yet to the point where that matters if that happens once a week, as long as I’m careful the rest of the time, but I’d really like to learn to reject temptation- not all the time, but at least sometimes.

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