Have to try harder, it’s not going as well as I’d like

I know it’s not Sunday; I was busy with Father’s Day things. I made my father and his husband a delicious and healthy meal of couscous salad, grilled asparagus, and barbecued chicken. I was so busy cooking I barely touched the shrimp and goat cheese appetizers that I made. I would have been way under my calories for yesterday, but I also made key lime pie with real whipped cream. It was amazing, but 700 calories. Definitely a special treat.

This week, I tried upping my calories as people on the 3FC forum suggested. The highest suggestion I got was 2400-2600, so that’s what I tried this week (averaging 2547, but I guessed on Wednesday because it was my birthday and I ate a lot of weird stuff but I didn’t want to spend an hour trying to calculate the calories). I lost about half a pound. That’s just not good enough to keep me motivated. At that rate I will be under 300 pounds in September 2013, and at my goal weight in 2018. And I’ll be so old, having babies will be risky because of my age instead of my weight. So I’m going to try 2200 this week. Also, I have five full days of work this week, which I haven’t had in months, so I’m packing my lunch and planning to hit the gym after work every day.

I am still tracking everything, every day, so I should be proud of that.

This has to get better.

One Response to “Have to try harder, it’s not going as well as I’d like”

  1. Tracking is a huge step – bravo for that

    It’s hard to figure out the right balance between losing enough to feel motivated & eating as much as you can to not damage your metabolism

    Sounds like you have a pretty smart approach — good luck on this next phase of 2200!