September 7th, 2012

Sitting in my sunny front porch – there are definite perks to working from home. I spent the first part of the week working from the sailboat. The marina has wifi and cell coverage and I didn’t have to tell anyone that instead of coffee breaks I was going for a swim. So, still have a job at this company that is struggling to stay afloat.

I have one job offer and am waiting to see if another is coming next week before I make a decision. The problem is that the first job, while a good one, requires me to move to a city I don’t want to live in. I don’t really want to move, period.  The second job also requires a move but is a better job with a bigger paycheque. Still, I can’t give up a ‘bird in the hand’ so by Monday or Tuesday I will have to make a decision.

Then the long slog to get out of the debt I have accumulated in the last 18 months begins.

Another start at tracking calories and exercise begins today as well. The weather is gorgeous and I have no excuse.

This weekend is another hard labour weekend – washing the house, windows, and starting the fall yard work. That kind of thing always leaves me sore but satisfied. Nothing like climbing up and down ladders all day to work your glutes.

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