August 20th, 2012

I am pretty excited by how the job search is going so far. No offers yet, but some good interest from some well-paying places. The job I have now is not working out – the bonuses and commissions that were supposed to offset the lousy pay just are not there and I am actually going into debt to keep this job. Changes are necessary and I may be getting lucky!

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  1. patty Says:

    I hope it works out for you, TJ. I had a job one time where it was one of those “salary is not so great” but perks were supposed to be good. Same experience as you, perks didn’t pan out. Our four day workweek of ten hour days didn’t work either. The boss was constantly saying we hadn’t met our quoto for the week and we wound up working 5 ten hour days at least twice a month. In the meantime, he’s buying a houseboat, buying new cars, taking fabulous vacations and the rest of us were working like dogs. Didn’t stay there very long.

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