Will run for cookies

February 19th, 2013

Gorgeous weather in my neck of the woods, which is not expected to last, so I went for a two mile jog since I got off of work early. I’m revisiting intervals, trying to get back to my former running glory (har har har, there has never been anything glorious about the way I run!) and so I have my timer set for 90 second intervals. Started out doing run one, walk one, and have worked up to doing run two, walk one, and today did two segments of run three walk one… so my “runs” (hee hee hee) are from 3 to 4.5 minutes long, broken up by 90 second walking intervals. Toss in a three minute warm up and a 4.5 minute cool down, and that’s my workout.

Because I am an Honest Abe, I calculated my weight watcher activity points by calculating the run time AND the walk time instead of just calling the whole thing a run. I earned 5 points…. and promptly ate 5 points worth of cookie dough

I’m calling this day a draw.

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  1. Sunny Says:

    doh oh. 🙁 (congrats on the running, but….)

  2. bigprof Says:

    Yes, congrats! I’m looking forward to reading about your new (not former) running glories!

    The baker at Whole Foods let me sample a vegan chocolate chip cookie and then walked me over to the place in the frozen foods where they sell her frozen cookie dough.

    A very not-good idea, and I won’t even try to explain how I rationalized it and somehow arrived home with a dozen little balls of frozen cookie dough.

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