Over. For real this time

February 19th, 2013

The birthday binge, that is. Seriously. No joke. TRUTH.

Goal today: stay within daily WW points AND add exercise. DH and I are going to a west coast swing class tonight, a ping up from Thursday every week to Tues and Thurs, so that’s awesome. But I need to get a run in an well since I have foolhardily recruited friends to do an 8k with me this weekend. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Moved my weigh in day to Wednesday morning bc Weds night is my weekly girlfriends dinner and Thurs is my date night with hubby, so a Friday weigh in was just too cruel to my psyche.

Here’s to a day of good choices for all on this journey…cheers!

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  1. Sunny Says:

    Hi. I don’t know if you remember me, but back in 2009-2010 I was Sunny (Gee.) Lost 70 lbs….then blah blah blah and started back up 12/31/12 having gained 60 of it back.

    I know we used to post in the same general blogroll group. LOL

    Glad to find an old familiar face as I start this all back up again.

    Sounds like you have some great exercise things planned, and belated happy birthday! 😀

  2. Sunny Says:

    oh and I’m at:


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