I’m back!

February 9th, 2013

Well, I’m back. Since I was last here in May 2011 at 155 lb I’ve crept back up as high as 171. Today I’m 167.4. I’m using the weight watchers point counting app on my iPhone and am running a half marathon in the spring, so I’m in the baby steps of getting my running mojo back.

I have been on WW for nine days. My start date weight was 169.4. My one week weigh in was 169.0. I’m going to try to stop the daily weighing. That’s a killer for me. So even though my scale today says 167.4 I’m calling it 169 until my Thursday weigh in.

Im looking forward to seeing which of my friends are still here and reconnecting! I’ll be doing some blog reading this weekend and catching up! See you gals later!

PS I have 11,222 spam comments waiting to be deleted. HOLY SHIT.

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  1. narnia99 Says:

    I used to have a problem with the spam too, but if you click on settings you will see a box for membership – if you click that it will make it so that only people who are registered and logged in can comment on your blog. I haven’t had a problem with spam since! HTH 🙂

    Good luck with WW, you can do it!

  2. Jazz Says:

    Ref: All of the damn spam ;)…Under “General Settings” and then ” Membership” Did you tick the box that allows only registered & logged-in users? That will help. Unless you’ve done that already then I just dunno. Good luck with that.
    …and extra good luck with the weight-loss! 🙂

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