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OK! I Did it!

Dear Sweet Body,

OK. OK. I did it! I stepped on the scale and the world did not stop!……and my self-esteem did not drop. I am OK. I am OK. I am OK.

but damn, anyway.

Last time I blogged here, I found a little mental trick……..only looking at the numbers to the right of the decimal point on my digital scale. Scales are nice because they keep me accountable….aware. not so nice because the numbers screw with my head.  But, something does feel nice about measuring, tracking my progress, and seeing the weight release, the numbers go down.

So while the number was unpleasant, Its been worse. that makes me feel happy. I have a new set point….I mean that number and that largess of body that makes me go …oh NO, I feel so freakin uncomfortable in my body. that deserves to be celebrated.

I am only 10 pounds from my *fightin’ weight*..its a large number, but its a number that I know my body begins to feel good, clothes and pictures look good, and that sexiness returns. only 10 pounds away. horray.

I can do that. I can do 10 pounds. 5 weeks. ah, sweet relief. and while I have so much more to lose, I can begin here. begin now. with something to look forward too that IS in my reach.

ah, I did it. I weighed myself. I assessed the damage done. thank you sweet body for being so forgiving. for never giving up. for responding so easily when I give you what you wish for……….

less than 8 whole grain carbs/per day

15 mins X per day….never skipping more than 1 day in a row

water times 64 oz

…………..and listening, deep listening to how you feel, what you like.

ah, to feel light and alive.

eating to lose just o.1 pounds tomorrow.

I can do that. we can do that.

dear sweet body, lead the way

I will listen.


and thank you, sweet friend.

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By akfrancis
On October 16, 2012
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Holy F**K!!

I am mad!! I am angry!! Here I am again. Damn. I hate beginning again……again. But, but, but, like Jason Mraz sings, ” I won’t give up” on us!! oh no sweet body, I am NOT giving UP!!!

I wish to use this blog to get in touch with my sweet body. my best friend…………who I often ignore. I want to listen. listen deeply. connect mind-body-spirit.

and be honest. be real. and authentic.

so let’s see how this goes……..taking everything I KNOW.

My promise???

tomorrow is weigh day.

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By akfrancis
On October 15, 2012
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I Believe!

Dear Lost Girls,

Wow! The looking glass reflected 202 fully dressed and 201 with my birthday suit! Welcome home…welcome to For-ever Ever land!  This is fun!

What else is fun is digging thru my closet and finding “new” old clothes…..those items I used to like but then “somehow” they didn’t look so good anymore. It is thrilling to try these old friends on and find that once again they fit….in some ways it is even more fun than a shopping spree!

The other really fun thing is crossing my legs….ah, a simple yet very real joy!

I am in a releasing cycle…..and mid-cycle. I need to remember my weight loss is as cyclical as my menstrual cycle…and not get discouraged when my body stops releasing and begins adjusting. My body knows what she is doing….I need to trust the process. We have an eating, exercise and drinking water plan….this treasure map is taking us to the buried treasure….my energetic, light and radiant ideal/for real weight……weight release is a process, a journey, a wild ride full of highs and lows…..keep trusting the process! and enjoying  every moment.

I believe…..wishes do come true!

Best wishes,



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On December 9, 2008
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The Looking Glass

Dear Lost Girl 203,

Welcome home Sugarbaby! Welcome home to for-ever ever land! I was so happy to see you waiting for me this morning in the looking glass…..you are light and radiant and energetic dear friend. Welcome home!


It was so worth staying on plan yesterday and passing on the 300 calorie bed-time snack to allow my body a chance to rest deeply and not have to fuss over the work of digestion….a mini-fast. It was the thought of your return that made it possible, even as I tossed and turned from a wee bit of hunger.

Good job! It is times like this that the looking glass aka scale can give that extra little motivation and feedback to stay on plan. The scale can be a friend or foe sometimes and I need to remember not to get too high or too low because sometimes the numbers do not change even though I am working the plan….but it is sweet, very sweet to be rewarded by a down-stream number and the return of another lost girl! Woo-hoo!

God speed!


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By akfrancis
On December 7, 2008
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Remember to Begin Again, Again

Dear 203,


Thanksgiving week-end was full of slip ups….need to remember this as Christmas is coming. Need to remember that I can always begin again, again!

Here’s a classic reminder!



 BTW, I’m not crazy about the very last line on this video….I just need to recognize the critical remarks as self-sabotaging thoughts that I too sometimes think….but I don’t need to listen to those thoughts……as Fred turned out to be a dancing legend!  All is well that ends well! And my story shall also have a happy ending!

God speed!


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By akfrancis
On December 5, 2008
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Checking In

Dear Lost Girl 204,


You’re back….good job! Thanksgiving week was a bit rough….need to remember that nothing tastes as good as being on plan feels!


I started the Beck Anti-diet Solution yesterday on Monday, December 1st…..something I like about that.

God speed!


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By akfrancis
On December 2, 2008
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Diet Wreckers from Marie’s Last Diet

Dear Lost Girl 203,

Had an episode of night-eating on Wednesday night……and the next day found this list on Marie’s Last Diet web site…. http://mariaslastdiet.typepad.com/ ….and wanted to keep it so I could find it later.


As I brought some awareness to the reasons I ate off plan, I saw them on this list…..yep, yep, yep.

Need to plan for these things because they are part of life….part of the ups and downs of weight loss.

I still need to learn how to surf the waves of disappointment with more grace! and more pixie dust! Captain Hook got me!

Diet Wreckers: What Are They? What to do?

by Maria’s Last Diet
8 Litttle Things That Can Wreck Your Diet

  • Someone criticizes you in passing
  • You have a bad night’s sleep
  • Someone disappoints you
  • You have one cheat, and then can’t get back
  • You look in the mirror and feel hopeless
  • You don’t lose any weight at all one week
  • You have a very, very busy day
  • You get a cold

Little things can work against you, without you noticing.

What to do?

Be ready for these things. Know they’re bound to come. Be prepared to handle each one in ways that don’t involve diet breaking. It takes thought, and planning.

Little things


The good news is that I got back on plan the next day. On the 3fc forums, I found a thread on the Beck Diet Solution…and one thing they recommend is saying, “Oh well” to a slip up, an off plan eating event…..and so I say, “Oh well! All is still well.”


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By akfrancis
On November 21, 2008
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Principle # 5 of the Circle~ Making Space

Dear Lost Girl 203,


Principle #5 of the Circle is alot like clutter-clearing……what are the obstacles, the old-patterns, the enrgetic knots, the unconcious beliefs that keep me stuck in the old reality…..i.e using food to deal with feelings and thoughts, blocking energy with excess carbs to lull and dull, protecing myself with an extra layer of cushion, like a coat of armor that shields me, both without and within.

Commiting to the Wish, invites all these unconscious patterns to the surface, into Awareness, so that they might be uncluttered….used, tossed or re-organized.

What I know for sure is that about 3-4 weeks into a new eating plan, I usually abandon ship…..in the past, the new vitality brings thoughts and feelings that I don’t want to deal with….so I stuff it. I never thought to look  at this like a helpful, healthy and healing thing……that’s what principle #5 suggests…..yes, the thoughts leading to the not-so-healhty behaviors will surface, as they need to…..for de-cluttering, re-wiring, re-oragnizing. I need not be afraid….simply Aware (non-condemning awareness).


Yesterday, I watched Peter Pan for my Artist’s Way  artist date. I re-watched the ending when Tinkerbell’s pixie dust turns Captain Hook’s pirate ship into a golden ship capable of flying into the moonlight. On my vision board, I have a thin picture of myself standing in front of a sailing ship (from my honeymoon in Hawaii)…..it was my reminder of the “Hooks” that occur in my thinking that cause me to over-eat…..it seems to me that the concepts in principle #5 will teach me how not to abandon ship but rather turn the scary things into gold…..that’s alchemy!

I like this video because I like watching the scary ol’ pirate ship transforming into gold……and as Laura Day writes in the Circle, the gift of making space is transformation.



Hmmm, maybe some physical house de-cluttering would be a helpful ritual….the over-stuffed pantry? the shoes under my bed?  my DD’s room?  I’ll have to see where the wind blows me….today is my 4 mile hike day, my Whole-Foods field trip (not to buy but to be inspired) and hopefully Zumba.

Best wishes,




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On November 19, 2008
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Still Syncing Up with Synchronicity ~Principle #4

Principle #4 of the Circle is to notice (and record) synchronicities….those happy little coincidences aka God winks!


Yesterday, I wrote about being light-hearted. Last night, on TV, I heard a commentator say that her mother always told her that angels fly because they take themselves lightly.

This morning, I found this message in my in-box…….I imagine that fairies can fly for the same reasons!


Tuesday, Nov. 18
Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly.
 G.K. Chesterton


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On November 18, 2008
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A Danger Zone

Dear Lost Girl 203,

I am so looking forward to your return to Forever Ever Land…..you are a magic number! The weight I was devastated to weigh at my due date….eeek!….and now I long for your return. You are a big milestone ….and very important to me. Plus, you are a very realistic goal, er, I mean Wish! I need to remember that I do not have the will-power to accomplish goals…..goals are too important and serious and responsible and sometimes the weight of a GOAL leads to my avoidance pattern ….this time around I am using Wish-power….keeping it fun, creative, joyous and yes, even silly…..Light-hearted!



I am writing this to remind myself as finding Lost Gril 207 can be a trigger for the scale and calorie obsession that so often leads to me abandoning the whole plan……in the past, I begin the numbers calculation, the weeks it will take and then I get impatient and the anxiety mounts and then I ditch the whole darn thing. I am bringing non-condemning awareness to the past pattern and finding the lesson….for me, this weight loss release is a head game, as I know WHAT I need to do, it is the HOW to keep myself motivated and commitment and persistent that I need to learn…. (I am open and willing learn)……yet, I know I am in a danger zone………the impatience and obsession can become a major Captain Hook!


So for today, I need to give myself credit for finding Lost Girl 207. Celebrate her arrival, here and now! Rejoice ….and be happy, in this moment, at this weight, knowing that the numbers are moving down stream.

I am trusting the process!

I am safe because I know the power of my own mind. ~Louise Haye

Best wishes,



Remember the Rock Star….the rock artist from the park who, this summer, joyfully created his rock sculptures because he wanted to be creative, not for anyone to notice. He created because he needed to express his creativity.  I wish that someone else were reading this, but I write because I need to express my creativity.

“Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy.” ~Julia Cameron, Artist’s Way, pg 3



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