After the weekend

18 Apr 2011 In: Uncategorized

I had chips on the weekend :s It was late after a friends birthday and I had a big plate of chip butties! Doesn’t seem to have made any difference at all though, I’m the same today as I was on Friday so the icecream and crisps I had yesterday didn’t count either :p
Anyway, Monday again, lets see how I do this week!


15 Apr 2011 In: Uncategorized

Well I started on ym healthy eating and exercise last Friday, 7 days ago and so far I’ve lost 7lbs 😀 I’m really pleased with that, takes my target to 33lbs away and shows that I’m doing something right, I’m not even hungry…just really pleased!

The bigger picture

13 Apr 2011 In: Uncategorized

I started thinking earlier about how I’m concentrating too much on the fact that I’m not at the weight I want to be yet and never think about how much I’ve lost already. 36lbs to go seems such a huge way away but then I thought about the fact that I’ve lost 45lbs so far and it makes me feel good again.

Fours days in….

11 Apr 2011 In: Uncategorized

…and I’m 4lb down. It’s a great start and it seems to be motivating me to be even better with my eating, down to 175lbs. Hopefully by the time I go on holiday this month I can lose another 4lbs but the main thing is I’m on track to be my goal weight by my birthday. Can’t even imagine what that’s like, last time I wasn’t overweight I was 13.

In two weeks I’ll be in Germany, I never eat much when we go there, nothing to tempt me other than the drink!

5 months target!

8 Apr 2011 In: Uncategorized

In five months I’m going to be 30. I’ve been obese most of my 20s and overweight the last year or so and soon I’ll be in my 30s. I want to get rid of what’s left and start the next decade feeling good about myself and not hiding in hoodies, I’m almost there. I see it sometimes when I look in the mirror, if I stand at a certain angle I can imagine what I would look like at a healthy weight but then the stomach gets in the way again and the image buggers off!

So I have 5 months in which I would like to lose at least 40lbs. This would take me down to being 139lbs which is in the middle of my healthy range and a reasonable goal to have, not too ambitious that it can’t be done but enough that I have to put some effort in for once.

Then, on my birthday, I’m going to wear the most gorgeous dress I can find and finally feel good about myself!