The skinny friend, now fat

Day 6

Day 6! Wow. I woke up this morning and felt a bit faint. I ate some toast with mushrooms, had a cup of black tea and felt better. My daughter came home yesterday. My diet is still intact.  

For a while today I was on the cusp of giving in and falling into old habits. Then I remembered this blog and my previous failed attempts at weight loss and caught myself in time. Thank goodness for coloured popcorn, is all I can say. It’s so important to have snacks in the house that I can actually eat.

Tonight is take-away night. We usually get KFC or some sort of take-away. My treat was two ham and pineapple pizza subs and a small tub of WW ice cream. This all fit nicely into my points and I didn’t feel left out. But the WW ice cream was so sweet I could feel myself spiralling into uncontrollable binge territory. Luckily it passed.

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