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feeling good

Day 4. I can actually see a difference on the scales. I’m feeling better about myself, glad that I’m making the effort to lose this weight. Even though I can’t see a difference and the scales may only be water weight, I feel thinner. The biggest threat to my diet comes back tonight, my daughter. Back to work at McDonalds after a week away. She eats terribly unhealthy. She’s always been fussy, right from a baby. And now that she’s a teenager all she wants to eat is fast food. All my other attempts at losing weight have been sabotaged by her. She get’s up in the morning and wants Hungry Jacks. Or wants KFC for lunch. And it’s a bit hard to drive there and buy nothing for myself. So all my past attempts at dieting have flown by the wayside or been shoved aside by the excuse that I’m not that fat and I can eat it anyway. So I seriously worry that my good work this week will amount to nothing. My daughter, on the otherhand, is stick thin. She won’t touch fruit or veg and only eats fast food, or for a home meal, only the meat. I’ve tried to get her to eat healthy, told her the dangers of eating fast food all the time, but she doesn’t care and just wants to eat it. So fingers crossed I can keep on track.

For lunch today, I was actually beginning to feel full after eating a cup of rockmelon and half a small bunch of grapes(sharing both with my baby), before my salad sandwich. I had two poached eggs on grain toast for breakfast, and that did the trick, keeping me full till way after the usual time I would have eaten lunch. Yesterday I ended up eating less than my intended points balance of 24. I have gone back to using the points, as it took such a long time to enter my calories into my calorie counter – and I wasn’t sure they were precise. I love weight watchers. I don’t have to give up a thing, and it’s so much easier to say no to something when you know you can have it if you can fit it into your points. That said, I’m staying away from sweets and WW diet desserts. The sugar hit usually makes me end up bingeing. I’m happy with a diet yoghurt or a cupful of coloured popcorn, so far. Let’s hope I can say no to McDonalds softserve cones tomorrow.

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  1. I know it’s so tempting to eat those things! If your driving your daughter to go get those types of foods,I’m guessing there is a part of you that wants to go out and eat it as well. Your daughter is a good cover up! We’ve all done it! I’ve come to the realization,that no one else is responsible for sabotaging my diet,but me! If you don’t want to eat those things,don’t drive your daughter there. It’s healthier for you,and for your daughter. Sit down and have a talk with her,explain to her that,you know she enjoys fast food but your working on being healthier. Maybe you can try together to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s just a suggestion! In order to have success, you need to remove the temptation. Hopefully,by talking with your daughter,she would understand that. These are just suggestions. You need to do what works for you! Good luck!

  2. I totally missed the fact that your daughter works at McDonalds lol sorry! That would be totally tough to bring her to work and NOT get some food!

  3. unskinnygirl,
    thanks for your suggestions. What I am going to have to do when I drop my daughter at Maccas or pick her up, is take something I can eat or drink – like a icy diet coke or a snack. That way I might not be tempted by softserves and sundaes.

  4. That’s a great idea! It’s always good to have back up snacks or
    Drinks! Being structured and pre-planning is the key! Good luck!

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