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Plans May 11, 2010

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Today I was off work and it was an average day I guess.  My weight was up a little but I don’t think I did anything too bad so it will go back down soon.  I posted an “I’m back” on the forum and I hope I participate more this time.  I worked on the house some more, but mostly daily stuff not extra spring cleaning stuff.

Today was a little hard for sweets, but I reminded myself as the cravings came on that I just had to push through it.  I have found that the biggest problem I am having is that I get hungry about 10pm and want to eat.  I haven’t indulged though; instead I chew a piece of sugar free gum and I forget all about it.

I want to try one new recipe a week and see how it goes over in y house.  The problem is my husband won’t eat rice or pasta and a lot of dishes call for them.  So I guess I will have to be creative or avoid those.  The thing is, I know the reason I back slide and go back to my old ways is because I don’t know what to do that is healthy.  I mean none of my recipes are healthy…..I am a southerner for goodness sakes.  If it isn’t fried, creamed, or sauteed in butter; it is not good.  So I want to start a new collection of recipes.

Also I am going to post a list of things I need to give up or change and mark them off as I eliminate them.  The friend I was doing it with is not going to last it seems and I am going to make my own list and if she gives up it won’t really affect me.

Starting wt 254.6

Current wt 249.4

Goal wt 130