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Weigh in day, week #5 June 14, 2009

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Hello peoples,  how has everyone been lately?  Joy, thank you for the kind words, I also found Autism for Dummies in a draw if you are interested I will send you that book also.

Okay I have a question for you all, I usually only see you on the blog so I wondered if and where you all post on the boards at 3FC?  Do you have a different user name on there?

So today I went to WW, and I had missed last week.  I was +.4, so I am 232.2.  I am going to stay on plan all week and try to get in the 220’s. I made a decision to join a gym today, I am going to sign up for a family membership at the YMCA.  They have free child care and a lot of programs I can get for free.  I really want to take classes like kickboxing or spin but I don’t know if they cost extra.

I got a new couch today and moved it in and the old one out so that was some exercise.  That sucker was heavy, it has double recliners and it was hard to get in and out of my van.

I slipped off my no coke thing about a week and a half ago and I am bloated, but I got them all out of the house now.  I am back to water, water, water…….I am going to sign up for the YMCA tomorrow and I have set my summer goals.

July 4th 217 (party) GET PEDICURE

August 15th 199 ONEderland!!! (trip to St. Augustine) BUY BATHING SUIT

October 31st 174.5 (Halloween pictures with the kids) BUY 5 NEW OUTFITS

January 1st 150 (Get surgical consult if needed)


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