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I’m here June 11, 2009

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Hi guys, it has been a few weeks since I posted, so I thought I would update.  I started my classes and I feel somewhat overwhelmed with essays.  I have Literature and Humanities this summer and because the summer session is shorter, they cram it all in.  I have not lost any more weight, and maybe gained a pound.  I skipped WW on Saturday and decided to scrap and paint some of our house.  I got so unbelievably burnt and haven’t felt good, but it is going away and I am starting to peel.

I started a challenge with DH last Friday.  he told me I could not go without eating out for 2 weeks.  If I loose I have to feed the dog for 2 weeks and if I win he has to lose 50 pounds.  Why do men not realize telling us we CAN’T do something makes us more determined.

I will try and post tonight if I get all of my reading done.


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