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Silly me I can’t think of a title…lol May 3, 2009

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Okay, first thank you all for weighing in on the exercise questions.  It helped me so much.  I had a gym membership years ago and I went about 5 times in 3 years, but I had to pay for it every month for those 3 years.  I am very busy and the trial membership for the gym is only 10 days.  Ten days is not really enough time to try it out.  I would maybe only be able to go 4 or 5 days in that amount of time.  I decided that if I can commit to myself and get down to 200 pounds I will get one then.  That way I will be committed to my weight loss and I will be less likely to be paying for a gym I never use.

On a food note, I went to WW and rejoined and I hope that is the last time I will ever have to say that.  I felt better just being there.  That is kind of my time I guess.  I can go to a weekend meeting and there are no kids to worry about, plus it is not something I am rushing to in the middle of the week.  I am also going to start working on a workout plan for me to start and plan meals around my points.  What would be great is if it would stop raining.  I can not remembering it ever raining here as much as it has this spring.  I am telling you it has been raining since Friday and Tuesday this week is the only day it is going to stop until Saturday. This will be a good week for me to try out at home exercises.

Is anyone else worried about sending their kids to school with the swine flu going around?  There are over 200 confirmed cases in the US and the first confirmed case here in Tennessee has me nervous.  There are 9 suspected cases also but they are all around Knoxville and that is 100 miles from here.  I wish Matthew was out of school for summer already and I did not have to send him.  As long as it does not get around here until the end of the month I will feel a lot better.

Bad food day

No exercise



Random & Advice Wanted!!!

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About blog rules:

I just noticed that they had a link to and when I started reading it I realized there were rules for blogging here…lol.  I had not seen it before but I think it is meant to keep down spam.  I just thought maybe because I was posting links that it might be considered promotion of sites.  I think it is okay though now that I have read it and I am not half asleep. 2am blogging is not good.

Brseay, I don’t read the ones that only list food either, they are boring.  I want to feel like I have met people I can relate to and maybe even find some good friends.

Gottaloose, My son is doing well and he is undiagnosed at this time and that is just how his therapists are handling it.  I think they do not want it to be something that fallows him forever.  The idea is to have him make as much progress as possible and when we hit a wall see what to call it. I did not get to the video,lol I totally forgot.  That is why I don’t lose weight, I forget I am on a diet!!!!

inkheartmeg, It was a long blog but I am so grateful that he has made the progress that I wanted to tell it.  Matthew it a completely different child than he was 1 year ago and I am lucky to be able to share that kind of news.

Joy, you are more than welcome I hope it helps you in some way.

Thank you all for reading my blog.

Now to talk about that 4 letter word we all hate, DIET.

OMG, I just(this minute 12:36am Sunday) got on the scale. I am 241.6….eeeek.  When I started a few weeks ago I was a pound lighter than that. Huh, I guess I wont be losing 20 pounds by Memorial Day will I?  I (rolling eyes) need help, so I am going to sign back up at WW in the morning.  I hate to give someone my money every week, but I need that deadline every week, the challenge of beating the scale and seeing a – sign on it.  I also have asked for, (oh this hurts) exercise equipment for Mother’s Day.  Sigh, I guess an elliptical is best because I hear a lot of people talking about them.  But, for the same price I can get a gym membership for the year too.

ADVICE If I decide on home exercise, what machine do you recommend?

Do you have a gym membership and do you like it or even use it, why or why not?