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COWGIRL UP!!!!! April 9, 2009

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It is truelly like a rodeo, I fall off and as soon as I am back on I fall off again.  If nothing else i am entertainment for some people.  Okay here it goes, a solid plan.

  1. Plan days food the night BEFORE, and post it on here.
  2. Drink water and NO cokes. (I am telling you they are as addictive as drugs)
  3. Walk a minimum of 6 miles a week.(Mon,Wed,Fri morning)
  4. Find one interesting article about weight or food issues a day.
  5. NO MORE EATING OUT!!!!!!!

Goal is still 20 pounds by Memorial day, so that means I need to be down to 221 by then.  Tomorrow I have work and the school so my plan is to walk/jog 2 miles before work.  I guess my menu will be….

  • 12 oz. Coffee /w/ 1oz.FF french vanilla coffee mate   121cal
  • 1 cup corn flakes /w/ 1 cup 1% milk     205cal
  • 1/2 cup raisins      217cal
  • spinach and artichoke lean pocket   260cal

“sigh”…..that is all I can think of right now.  I will have to see what I can come up with tomorrow.  I can never find enough calories to eat if i am trying but if I am not then I eat enough for 2 people.

Well I am tired but here is something I heard on the news and thought I would share.


“We are seeing an obesity epidemic: One out of every four New Yorkers is obese, up from about 14 percent in 1995,” Laura L. Anglin, the state budget director, said at a news conference. She cited research linking soft drinks to obesity in children and diabetes in women and predicted that the tax would curb consumption of the affected drinks by 5 percent.

Read full article on the NY Times web site here and tell me what you think. Taxing Softdrinks in NY


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