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Weight Watchers and Stuff March 28, 2009

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Lets see what pops out tonight.  I am trying to get the house set up to start counting points.  I have to make myself a menu of I will end up eating out.  The majority of my weight is due to restaurants.  so I have my pile of WW cook books handy and I am going to plan this all out.  I like WW but with 4 kids I am not as good about keeping track as I was before I had them.  I lost 60 pounds before I got pregnant with the triplets on WW.  Now it is like soooo much work just to organize the whole thing.  Right now my goals are going to be 10 pounds at a time.  I just can’t look at the big picture without tugging my hair out of my head.  Also I am going to drag my husband out Mon, Wed, and Fri mornings to walk on the Walnut Street Bridge with me at 7am.  I hate walking around in circles but at that hour you might get mugged downtown so that is my excuse.  He is not real pleased but I don’t care.  He has gained 40 pounds in about 18 months so it is time for him as well as me to get off his butt.  My goal is to get back to some kind of jogging and I hope it will be pretty quick.  the only other goal I have right now is to lay off the Cokes, I am telling you they are just as addictive as drugs.  School is going okay, I still don’t know if I got into the nursing program or not.  Sadly I do not think I did, but that is okay I just have to retake a few classes I had a B in and re-apply to the day program.  I am not going to go to WW meetings because of the money and the time constraints, but I might pop into the 3FC WW boards and participate there.  All in all today was a good day, and I did not even use caps in my blog,lol. I think I may start a new page for advice/suggestions, and everyone could kindof tell what works for them or give tips on things they like such as workouts,food,websites.  Feel free to add to it, I think it might be interesting to see what other people are trying.