Day 19. Baby step back.

January 24th, 2009

85/365 (by that girl caitlin)

Yeah, a baby step back for baby back ribs…

So last night I ate ribs. And smoked salmon spread. And garlic mashed potatoes and sweet baked beans. I don’t know why I do it to myself but I’m not upset this time. I gave myself a treat. I felt beautiful because my hair was done.


Not bad for this week, even considering the scale said 202 yesterday. Plus, I haven’t moved my bowels this morning yet (not to be gross, but it’s true) and this week for various reasons and numerous plans I didn’t get to the gym. I still see it as a success. It’s a loss, and I accomplished a lot this week. I cut out my after school snack since I was overdoing it, and except for last night I didn’t stray from my diet once. We have to appreciate the small victories so that we can push forward, right? Right.

I’m going to a Going Green party today. Yep, green for the environment. I’m sure there’ll be snacks there but unless they’re vegetables I’m not eating them. I’m going to eat both breakfast and lunch before I go and bring a water with me to drink on the way there. I’m still determined. I also might go to the gym tonight, and definitely tomorrow (so maybe twice this weekend to make up for it).

Here’s the meal plan for today, subject to change only slightly.

– nutrisystem pancakes
– a banana

– nutrisystem minestrone soup
– an orange

– nutrisystem bbq steak with rice
– a salad
– a little taste of Josh’s smoked brisket

– nutrisystem chocolate mint bar

– 2 bottles of fruit2o raspberry
– 2 waters

Day 3 and 4.

January 9th, 2009

I was so exhausted yesterday I didn’t write. But I was a good girl, I promise. Yesterday I didn’t stray from my diet at all.

Now today, on the other hand:

– nutrisystem blueberry muffins

– nutrisystem chocolate grahm bar

– Olive Garden salad
– 2 breadsticks

– ice cream… FAIL

– 3 poland spring waters
– half a raspberry iced tea at olive garden… moderate fail
– starbucks energy drink… FAIL

Today was Friday and I rewarded myself a little bit, but I went overboard with the ice cream and the energy drink at the end of the night. Right back on track tomorrow morning. I won’t dwell on this like other times. I am pretty confident I still lost weight this week, despite my carelessness today. Today I didn’t have any fruit or snacks to bring with me so I was starving all day and then overindulged when I got home. Lesson learned.

I decided I’m weighing myself once a week on Saturday mornings. That way I won’t obsess over my weight all week. Okay. Doing better still. Keep going.

My first roadblock.

August 11th, 2008

Yesterday, Sunday, was the day that I decided on to restart my diet. I had lost 30 pounds, but gained back 15. You would think that being all excited about starting my diet again would be enough to at least not mess up on the first day. But you would be wrong.

I slept extremely late yesterday as Sundays are my day to catch up on sleep. I woke up after noon, not feeling very hungry. I had a wonderful day of lounging around in my pajamas and browsing the internet and playing video games. Finally, it was past 5pm and Josh and I realized that we were quite hungry after not eating all day. We decided to go out to dinner at the Olive Garden because I love to eat their salad and he likes their meals, as well. I figured that it was alright to go and eat just salad to break in to my new diet, as one last little treat. (Nutrisystem is quite a regimented diet, and that’s what I’m doing – I’m not saying that eating salad is bad for a diet, just to clear that up.)

However, we somehow ended up at a steakhouse. I ended up getting a house salad as well as a chicken sandwich. I guess I could have done worse, but I still came home feeling very disappointed in myself. How could I have made ANOTHER excuse after being so psyched to finally start back on my diet again? However, I did have a fabulous evening and it’s not like I ate too much or ate something that was unhealthy. Heck, I was too full to even finish the chicken sandwich. I just can’t help feeling bummed out. It makes me want to give up already.

Today is going much better. I ate my Nutrisystem breakfast which was low fat granola. I decided to mix it with fat free yogurt and it was very tasty. I had a snack of organic unsweetened applesauce and it was so good! Then for lunch I enjoyed my Nutrisystem Pasta with Broccoli which I still ate even though Josh was eating Taco Bell, one of my favourites, beside me. I wanted to prove to myself that I had enough self control to not be upset while he ate takeaways, but I was surprisingly determined today. Although I was a bit upset and jealous, I just tried to be positive. The fact that he kept telling me he was proud of me also helped.

I am glad that I decided not to give up, and I’m confident that with the right mindset and support I will be successful in dieting, finally.

Hello world!

August 10th, 2008

My first entry. Lets see…

My completely awesome and supportive friend recommended this site to me recently after hearing that I’ve been struggling with losing weight. I just want to thank her, first of all.

I’m here because obviously I’ve been trying to lose some weight. In high school, I was an athlete. I was in the best shape of my life. I felt so wonderful about myself. My confidence was endless. I was on top of the world. In college, I managed to gain about 80 pounds. I just graduated college this past Spring (May 2008) and I decided it’s finally time to do something about it in a real way.

Throughout the past few years in college, I’ve tried the following diets:
– Low Calorie Diet
– The South Beach Diet
– Weight Watcher’s
– Nutrisystem

I was quite successful on each of them, losing between 10 and 20 pounds. However, I had quite the problem with momentum and before I knew it, I had gained all my weight back. My biggest flaws in my dieting are making excuses for myself, emotional eating, and loss of interest.

Well, it’s time to change.

I decided that since I had the most success with Nutrisystem, I would give it another try. I lost 30 pounds with it over the span of a few months, only to gain most of it back. I’ve been pretending for a few months now that I’ve still lost 30 pounds, however I’m sure the scale would say otherwise.

Well, here we go.
August 10, 2008 will be my starting dieting date, only to end when I feel good about myself again.