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So things have been going well this week with the weight loss attempt. After the increasingly horrible last few weeks, I have regained control, for now at least. I don’t know how muhc of what I ganed the last few weeks was real and what was temporary, but as of today I am back down to ~144.2 (3 readings this morning, 144, 144.2, and 144.4). I have entered/reentered new territory. The first time I got here was on like, a friday or saturday, and then the weekend attacked and everything went to hell, but now I still have two days left of the week and I really think I might break 143 this week! ZOMG.

Food has been good. I have finally come to accept the fact that I need to eat closer to 1500 than 1800 if I want to make any progress, as 1800 generally becomes 2000 and 1500 only becomes 1800. HAHA. Yesterday I went to Toscanninis after dance and got the brownie brown sugar butter ice cream. I was looking forward to it ALL DAY and was so glad they had it. I’m ashamed to admit that the ice cream was a stronger motivation for going to medieval dance than socializing was last night. I behaved foodwise all day for that ice cream!

I didn’t get to see Steve yesterday:( But I will today!

I also went back to bodypump yesterday, and like. OOWWWWW my legs hurt, my torso hurts. I sort of figureed out how to do squats correctly a week or two ago so I felt it a lot more strongly yesterday, and the lunges almost killed me even though I took down the weight a bit (20lb instead of 25 on the bar). I think some of it has been fatigue from the Zyrtec this week, but also I haven’t been doing the endurance of bodypump, just the regular circuit for strength. I think I need to make sure I do bodypump ONCE a week, and the circuit 1-2x a week.My left quad is sad. The other is sore when like, I walk and stuff. My chest hurts from the presses. I think my chest muscles are improving somewhat, at least some stabilizing muscles or something, because before on the chest track my arms would hurt a lot during the chest presses, but last night I could feel it more in the correct muscles, and they are sore today. Medieval dance isn’t exactly a workout, but I could really feel the soreness last night! Oh, and I walked to Tosci’s and back to my car, so that was my “cardio” yesterday, lol.

I want my stupid fat stomach to get less fat. Maybe if I keep it up for the next week and a half I’ll get down to like, 142 and another inch will come off my jelly belly, lol. One week to Anime Boston! At least my costume will fit. I decided I’ll wear my cheapo bustier instead of the strapless bra, I think, though I’ll need to try it again now that I’m back down 4 pounds haha. I did the fit-adjustment with the zipper insertion to the dress while wearing a normal bra not the strapless, so it’s tight over the strapless which is pretty thick. Also, I don’t like how it sits on me, and digs a bit. The bustier isn’t all that much more confortable, though it helped when I pulled out the “boning” under the cups. It dug SO BAD into my fat and hurt. I thought it was plastic, considering how flexible it was, but when I pulled it out I was shocked to discover that it was, in fact, STEEL BONING, just, extremely thin and flimsy. Like, i could tie it in a knot if it were long enough. Pics later, haha. It’s way more comfortable now, and I think I will just have to suffer some of the discomfort. It’s only uncomfortable because the fashion industry assumes, for some reason, that a 36D bust has a 29 inch waist, or something. And last time I chicked, 32 inches and 29 inches were SO not the same.

Oh,, here are the most recent pics! I look so, er, WIDE in the front view, lol. The back looks so cool, with the train. It’s held on by two buttons, which makes it easy to remove if I don’t want to drag it around anymore. And it’s not attached to the dress. The zipper would have made things difficult. I guess if I had wanted the train attached I would have needed to do a side zipper, but then the lacing wouldn’t have worked. . . eh. it looks REALLY COOL from behind, doesn’t it?!?!???

From Chii 2010 costume progress
From Chii 2010 costume progress


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