On A roll, but coming to a week-long snag. . .

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So it seems that once I broke past the whole 147-150 thing, I got on a roll. A weight-loss roll. Despite the setback this month after getting down to 144 due to total suckage, and then getting back there, I am now down to somewhere in the 141-142 range. Somehow.

On Saturday, I had to take my car into the dealer for my 60k service. I went to bodycombat at 8, got to the dealer at 9:30, and left for . . . a while. I walked to Horn pond, which is a touch less than 1 mile from the dealership, walked AROUND the pond, and back. When I mapped it on sparkpeople, the total walk was 4.18 (or something) miles). I did it in 84 minutes (yes I checked!) which means 3mph, huzzah! I walk at a NORMAL pace now! It was totally chilly, but very sunny, and a REALLY pleasant walk. I didn’t even bust out the mp3 player.

This far on Sat., I had only eaten breakfast before the gym. I got back to the dealer a little after 11, expecting to be there until noon, and read a book for a while. I was kind of hungry, and had kept a south beach bar with me to eat, but was toying with waiting for my car and going home at eatingn lunch. But, I decided to eat the cereal bar. I had taken just one bite, when they told me my car was done (30 min. earlier than expected). Lol. I finished it anyway, I was hungry! And did some “errands”. Really, I went shopping lol.

I went to old Navy to try on size 6 clothing. There is no better way to try it. My size 8 jeans from ON are a bit big, so I figured it was time for size six, lol. Well, the size 6 of the same style are the right size, though I didn’t buy them. Other sixes were, like, too low in the rise haha, and my gut still spilleth over, but otherwise fit. Stupid stomach.I also tried on a (SHOCKER) bright yellow dress, but my boobage was too powerful for it. I tried both a small and a medium, and might have fit both if not for my boobs, which, even though they have shrunk SO MUCH, are still roo powerful for clothing designers.

And I bought the MOST AWESOME EVER little shoulder bag, it is bright blue and soft and theonly thing I don’t like is there is no zipper to close it, but I’ve already converted. Sorry Shana bag, you are needing to be retired for a while.

Then I went to Jo-ann’s and bought that sewing pattern I wanted. And 3 others, because butterick patterns were on sale for $1.50 each and 4 patterns for 6$ is way better than the one for 10$ which is what it would have been with the normal 40% off. I went to Trader Joe’s after and bought THE BIGGEST JAR OF STEVIA EVARRRRR, for like less than the smaller one I got from whole foods last year. Now that I converted from splenda to stevia, I use it pretty quick. I’d say I used most of the jar in about 6 months. The TJ’s one should last at least a year, I think, maybe more. It’s HUGEEEEE. I also stopped at Michael’s to get one more flower for my costume.

I got home at like, 2:30-3pm, and worked on my costume a bit. I made the leg garter, and put it on. Then I put on the bustier, which is less uncomfortable after getting back down to 144 haha, put on the dress, and wrapped the s+m cord around the skirt. I looked and the mirror and was like “THAT IS SO HAWT”. Sorry, no pics, my roommate wasn’t around and the mirror glare was unavoidable.

I ate lunch at like, 4pm. I decided I really wanted ice cream for dinner and told Steve I wanted to go to friendly’s later. I’d been REALLY GOOD (lol). My calories were somewhere in the 1100’s so far, and I’d gotten two workouts in 3 hours, lol. I finished the sleeves for the costume (FINALLY, THEY SUCKED TOTAL ASS TO MAKE) and went to Steves. We had just finished a round of dominion and my mom called to tell me my grandmother had died. 🙁 It sucks SO BAD she was my only remaining grandparent, all the otheres died when I was young so I don’t remember any of them except my other grandmother, and her only a little. All of her children’s families are close to her. I cried a while after that call. I still wanted ice cream, EVEN MORE. We went to Friendly’s and I got the 5 scoop sundae with the hunka chunka pb fudge, marshmallow, peanutbutter sauce, and peanutbutter cups topping. It was really good. Almost 1600 calories of good, according to the daily plate, lol, after I added it all up.

Sunday I woke up at 6. I was at Steve’s. I had to go to work. I lay around for a while, but at 8 I decided to just go and get going with my day. I had to go to work for a bit so I did that. Considering I was miserable I decided not to go to the gym for strength training, and did some bodyweight exercises while waiting for me culture media to warm up. I did two sets of pushups (22 and 11), 2 sets of jump squats (~25, and 20) and 2 sets of crunches. 30 regular ones, and 15 lower ab ones, where you elevate your knees and push your legs OUT, rather than crunching up. I don’t know what those are called, but one of the trainers and BSC showed me them.

After work I went home, it was like, 9:45 or something. I called my sister on the way, asking if she wanted to come to Bloomingdale’s with me. My friend Flavia is getting married in a couple weeks (In Brazil, so I can’t go to the wedding 🙁 ) and here registry is at Bloomingdale’s. I can’t afford anything on her registry, but I decided to get her a gift card. And, As I’ve never been IN a Bloomingdale’s, I decided to go buy it in person. And my sister sometimes likes to come with me when I go out. When I got home first we hugged a while, and we ended up not leaving for a while because we were talking to my mom. My dad had just gotten back from driving from NC that morning and napped, but he was up and on the phone with the funeral home in NY when we got there. After a while Rachel and I went out. Unfortunately, Bloomingdale’s can’t send the gift card to the registry address because it is “Money” so I will have to mail it myself. They do have some gorgeous stuff there. There were these goblets that I have decided were for ice cream, they were brightly coloered and shiny inside and had spoons shapped like hearts (or butts, or something) and I WANT THEM. I told Rachel I wanted them for my wedding, lol.

We walked around the mall a bit. Originally we were going to walk around the chestnut hill reservoir, which was nearby, but we decided we were both hungry and tired and walked around the mall instead (the chestnut hill mall is pretty small, it turns out) and went home. It was almost 3, and we just snacked, because we went out to dinner at like 5 with the family. We went to Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse. We shared the spinach dip and tortilla chip appetizer, and I got the Pete’s Pasta whatever-ya-callit for dinner. It was penne pasta with alfredo sauce, chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and broccolli. Yum! I think I ate about 3/4 of it. Passover starts tonight, so gotta get all those yummy grainy carbs in PRONTO!!

Went home after that and sate some rainbow cookies (had one earlier, too). I checked my gym’s hours to see how late they were open, being a Sunday, as I felt the DESPERATE URGE to exercise. Not just because eI ate so much, but for stress relief. The Lexington club was open until 10pm, which was AWESOME. Of course, I had to backgrack a bit home first to get my mp3 player( treadmill = BOREDOM) and I went, and walked for 70 min. I have improved in the fitness department since taking bodycombat, as I was able to push quite hard yesterday. I worked up from 3.5mph to 3.7, and a range of 8-11 % incline. For the first 40-50 minutes I increased a little every 10, and then decreased over the last 20-30 min. According to the machine I averaged 3.6mph at 10% incline. Sounds about right.

I also decided that I may go tonight, as I won’t have another chance to go until Thursday. Tomorrow I have Taiko, and wednesday we are driving to NY for the funeral. And tonight is Passover Sedr, so lots of food and no bodycombat. The gym is open until 11 tonigiht, so I will probably try to go.

Anyway, over the weekend I actually saw the number 141 on my scale, though of course it was yesterday at like, 10 AM and I hadn’t eaten or really even drank anything yet. This morning it was 141.6. Hopefully the disaster of passover wont cause too much backtracking.

Passover always SEEMS like a good time to start a diet. No Carbs, right? Well, really it is so not. All the grains are just replaced with matzah, which is like bread only suckier because it is a cracker, and then everything is made with a pile of oil. And all the desserts! Sigh.

C75 – fatty acid synthase inhibitor (leading into a rant)

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Here is a link to an article about C75, a fatty acid synthase inhibitor. I have done a little work with this at my job, and am trying to learn a bit more about it


In the abstract, it notes that it decreases food intake and bodyweight in rodents, and suggests fatty acid synthesis as a target or treatment of obesity.

Well, duh, fatty acid synthesis IS a target for treating obesity, but really, the best way to target fatty acid synthesis in the real world is by not overeating, or something.

I think it is very important to understand the biology of healthy weight and obese bodies, but every time something like this comes up (via work-related interest, on the 3fc or spark forums) it further backs up my feelings that the only REAL treatment for obesity is BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION. Just because the rats ate less doesn’t mean this sort of thing would work in humans. The rats weren’t over eating in the first place! They already listen to their internal signals, and this drug told them to eat less, and being rats, they listen.

There are no such signals in obese people. Stop. Don’t tell me about the exceptions. People that are obese eat too much. They know it. I know it. You know it. There are signals saying STOP and we don’t listen! THEY ARE ALREADY THERE AND WE DON’T LISTEN. THIS IS WHY DIET PILLS DON’T WORK. If you aren’t going to listen to signals that are already there, treating them with drugs that amplify the signals isn’t going to help!


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So I decided it was time to update my tracker, lol. I got down to 144 2-3 weeks ago on the scale, then it all went to hell, got back there yesterday, and today . . . . 143!!!!!

Since I fluctuate quite a bit these days, I always have the tracker a bit higher than my lowest lows. However, I’m not 146 anymore, and I’d rather be less than 145, so. . . . 144.5!!

You may also have noticed that I changed my goal to 135 instead of 140. When I reach 138 I will reevaluate, but it’s looking like 135 is gonna be closer to what I want. Sigh. At least I don’t have more than 10 to go again, hahaha.

I’ll be good again today, and do my best over the weekend, so that maybe I’ll be a tad lower for the start of passover. Every year I have this glimmer that maybe I’ll lose weight during passover because I can’t eat grains, but really, it’s totally a weight-gain holiday It’s all full of matzah and oil and sugar and chocolate and stuff. Lol.

My left leg is SO SORE still today! I went to bodypump wednesday after not going to it for a few weeks and it was like the first time, SERIOUS AGONY (er, soreness). I need to start going to it once a week, and doing the express line 1-2x a week. Once endurance class, 1-2 “growth” sessions, or whatever. Walking totally hurts. I went to bodycombat yesterday, after about 10 minutes the soreness was less and I had a good workout, especially as I am no longer under the EVIL FOG OF ZYRTEC. Of course, by the time I got home after my muscles had cooled down and were sore again. I had toyed with the idea of doing the circuit today after work if it is raining/snowing, but I’m not gonna bother. I need more time to recover. I’ll do the express line on Sunday before or after I come into Billerica for cell maintanance. Tomorrow I’ve got combat at 8:00 (yes, A.M.) but then I’ve got to go to the dealership for my 60k service. And I’m not going to the gym Monday next week, so I’ll do strength sunday, wednesday, and maybe friday (as Anime Boston will suck up sat. and sun., and I can go after work but before Caroline’s shower).

Oh, and my Express size 8 jeans? They were totally comfortable enough to wear today, when I stealthily pulled them on this morning! I’m gonna wait until next week though, ‘casue I intend on taking a long walk after work today if it isn’t snowing or something, and I’d rather not break ’em in on a long walk, esp. after having them on all day. They are still snug, of course, just not muffin-top-inducing-snug anymore.

Update, hopefully more not too much later

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So things have been going well this week with the weight loss attempt. After the increasingly horrible last few weeks, I have regained control, for now at least. I don’t know how muhc of what I ganed the last few weeks was real and what was temporary, but as of today I am back down to ~144.2 (3 readings this morning, 144, 144.2, and 144.4). I have entered/reentered new territory. The first time I got here was on like, a friday or saturday, and then the weekend attacked and everything went to hell, but now I still have two days left of the week and I really think I might break 143 this week! ZOMG.

Food has been good. I have finally come to accept the fact that I need to eat closer to 1500 than 1800 if I want to make any progress, as 1800 generally becomes 2000 and 1500 only becomes 1800. HAHA. Yesterday I went to Toscanninis after dance and got the brownie brown sugar butter ice cream. I was looking forward to it ALL DAY and was so glad they had it. I’m ashamed to admit that the ice cream was a stronger motivation for going to medieval dance than socializing was last night. I behaved foodwise all day for that ice cream!

I didn’t get to see Steve yesterday:( But I will today!

I also went back to bodypump yesterday, and like. OOWWWWW my legs hurt, my torso hurts. I sort of figureed out how to do squats correctly a week or two ago so I felt it a lot more strongly yesterday, and the lunges almost killed me even though I took down the weight a bit (20lb instead of 25 on the bar). I think some of it has been fatigue from the Zyrtec this week, but also I haven’t been doing the endurance of bodypump, just the regular circuit for strength. I think I need to make sure I do bodypump ONCE a week, and the circuit 1-2x a week.My left quad is sad. The other is sore when like, I walk and stuff. My chest hurts from the presses. I think my chest muscles are improving somewhat, at least some stabilizing muscles or something, because before on the chest track my arms would hurt a lot during the chest presses, but last night I could feel it more in the correct muscles, and they are sore today. Medieval dance isn’t exactly a workout, but I could really feel the soreness last night! Oh, and I walked to Tosci’s and back to my car, so that was my “cardio” yesterday, lol.

I want my stupid fat stomach to get less fat. Maybe if I keep it up for the next week and a half I’ll get down to like, 142 and another inch will come off my jelly belly, lol. One week to Anime Boston! At least my costume will fit. I decided I’ll wear my cheapo bustier instead of the strapless bra, I think, though I’ll need to try it again now that I’m back down 4 pounds haha. I did the fit-adjustment with the zipper insertion to the dress while wearing a normal bra not the strapless, so it’s tight over the strapless which is pretty thick. Also, I don’t like how it sits on me, and digs a bit. The bustier isn’t all that much more confortable, though it helped when I pulled out the “boning” under the cups. It dug SO BAD into my fat and hurt. I thought it was plastic, considering how flexible it was, but when I pulled it out I was shocked to discover that it was, in fact, STEEL BONING, just, extremely thin and flimsy. Like, i could tie it in a knot if it were long enough. Pics later, haha. It’s way more comfortable now, and I think I will just have to suffer some of the discomfort. It’s only uncomfortable because the fashion industry assumes, for some reason, that a 36D bust has a 29 inch waist, or something. And last time I chicked, 32 inches and 29 inches were SO not the same.

Oh,, here are the most recent pics! I look so, er, WIDE in the front view, lol. The back looks so cool, with the train. It’s held on by two buttons, which makes it easy to remove if I don’t want to drag it around anymore. And it’s not attached to the dress. The zipper would have made things difficult. I guess if I had wanted the train attached I would have needed to do a side zipper, but then the lacing wouldn’t have worked. . . eh. it looks REALLY COOL from behind, doesn’t it?!?!???

From Chii 2010 costume progress
From Chii 2010 costume progress

Stupid Allergy

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But I guess diagnosing and medicating the spreading cashew allergic rash was more important

Cashew Allergy?

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So I think (hope that’s all it is) I have a minor cashew allergy, based on some recent TMI issues I’m having and corroborated a bit by some anecdotal evidence from the internet.


When I ate the cashew butter, I noticed a kind of tingly-itchy-unpleasantness in my throat, but it was mild and didn’t bother me enough to not eat the stuff. I Consumed probably 1/2+ the jar between friday, saturday and sunday before getting myself to put dish detergent in the jar to prevent me from eating anymore. Starting Sunday night I have had some itchy “other end” issues that I am hoping are due to a cashew allergy and not some other source. Starting Sunday would have been about the right time for the cashew butter to reach the other end, and hopefully by tomorrow or thursday at the latest it will all have exited the premises. It doesn’t help matters that I developed some sort of weird rash on my upper thigh, on the front of my leg, that seems to have just appeared out of the blue yesterday. I didn’t notice it until late in the afternoon at work, but It might have been there earlier. And then this morning, there was a little itchy patch on the back of the same leg. WTF?? Anyway, yesterday I bought some antibiotic cream and have smeared it on the rash and “down in there”, though maybe hydrocortizone cream would be better.


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The last couple weeks were total fails food-wise. I’m pretty sure I’ve gained back at least a pound. I think I’m somewhere between 146-147 (I had been down to 145, maybe 144), but haven’t really had access to my scale at the usual time the past couple days.

Part of the problem is that I’m a bit burnt out from the diet AND exercise. I can keep up exercise just fine, but restricting calories doesn’t seem to work well for long. The other part of the problem is that, like an idiot, I bought cashew butter at whole foods. It is new and different and I think I ate half the jar in 3 days. So, I FINALLY took control and put dish detergent in it yesterday and tossed the rest so I don’t eat it.

I was thinking about taking a break for a few weeks and restarting the week of passover or, probably better, the day after passover ends. I think I’m going to need to go in cycles now, 4-6 weeks of good behavior followed by 3-4 of maintanance. I just can’t deal with the restriction and would rather it take 6 months to lose the last 10 than be permanantly frustrated. Also, this will give my strength training a bit of a chance to improve faster than if I was also calorie restricting. Who knows, maybe I’ll see some minor changes just maintaning these next 2-3 weeks, as long as I keep it up.

Regarding the strength training, I NEED to learn some freeweight exercises to do on my own. I’m probably going to partially phase out the bodypump, maybe every other week or something. I go so many days, it gets a bit tiresome. I did the express line after bodycombat on Thursday and Saturday and that seems to work well, doing my strength and cardio the same days, leaving other days free (or less busy, like wednesday). I originally did that because I missed PUMP last wednesday and needed to get 2 strength in by THIS wednesday, but I may continue in this wein. However, I need some more freeweights rather than the machines for all of the lower body, chest and shoulders (I already do bicep-tricep freeweigiht). I have the bood Janet recommended during my assesment, but I REALLY want some sessions with a personal trainer to teach me what to do and proper form, that stuff. But it is so expensive! The gym has a 2-fit program which means I can do the training with a friend and we both pay half, and my roommate was interested, but she is not a member and I don’t know if she can do the 2-fit as a non-member. I need to look into it.

I had my annual physical today, and my Dr. says I don’t need to come back for 2-3 years! (Barring future health problems, of course). Cool! I kind of assume this was not the case before because of my weight being a huge risk factor, but I don’t know for sure, and I didn’t ask. I asked for a referral to a Dietician, also. I’m trying to decide if I want to see one.

In other news, my Chobits costume is coming along nicely! You can see my hot sexiness here.

From Chii 2010 costume progress

This was with the zipper only basted in to see if it fits, I redid it yesterday and it’s a bit more snug. I still need to higde those loose cords, put the ruffle on the bustline, hem it, and attach the train. MAN I’m an apple!. But DAMN my shoulders look GOOD! (Vanity forever!!!)

High Blood Pressure and other “druggable” conditions

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I am a biologist, and it is possible that I could, conceiveably, work for Novartis or other pharmaceutical company in the future.


Their sob-story commercials where they sail in as the savior creating new medicines kind of piss me off. Today’s was a woman with high blood pressure. The commercial stated that 1/3 of US citizens have high blood pressure.

Well, overweight is one of the primary causes of high blood pressure.

2/3 of the country are overweight

nearly 1/3 are FAT (excuse me, OBESE)

Stands to reason that a lot of them have high blood pressure, right?

Well, instead of popping pills, try taking a walk around the f***ing block once in a while!

Regular exercise would help the majority of these people, and be a hell of a lot cheaper for them, the government, and me as a tax payer, than getting ‘scripts for drugs.

Flat Butt :(

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You know you have proof that you have a flat butt when you put on snug sweatpants and don’t notics that they are on backwards.

Update of last week

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Last week during the no dessert-type junk food challenge thing I did very well. I exercised regularly (though a bit less than in previous weeks) and felt better about myself when I didn’t sabotage myself daily. I did eat a bit extra some days, because I felt more hungry last week, some extra sunflower seed butter or popcorn. I was SO TIRED a lot of last week, which is why I cut back on the exercise too. At first Monday I thought I was exhausted after bodycombat because I hadn’t eaten as much as usual on the weekend, but decided later it was a vitamin D deficiency, as I hadn’t seen the sun in about 2 weeks. I pretty much took it easy, and the only dessert I had was the one hamentashen, which I have justified because it was purim and they taste best fresh and it WASN’T sabotage that time.

Anyway, the weekend was a bit of a mess, somewhat worse than I’d intended but I think I’ll survive.

Saturday morning I went to the 90 minute bodycombat at the Lexington BSC. I had to get the gym at 7:30 AM (ugh) but it was TOTALLY AWESOME! I felt so energized after, unlike at the Woburn club where I feel so yuck after combat on sat. Goes to show what I well air-conditioned not-too-small studio will do for you. I sort of suspected that was why I had so much trouble at Woburn, even though I should have been totally energetic first thing in the morning. It was sunny when I got there and sunny when I left, and I was so GIDDY!

Later sat I went out to eat lunch with my mom, brother and sister (a planned event). We went to Bugaboo Creek and I got a combo, 1/3 rack bbq ribs, a crab cake, sweet potato fries, and Caesar salad. There wasn’t that much salad and the dressing was Caesar I guess, dunno. I had one piece of the bread before the meal. I ate most of my meal at the restaurant, and was going to save the rest but there wasn’t much and I ate it pretty soon anyway. Went back to my parents’ house and ate 2 of my brother’s rainbow cookies. (He makes GOOD rainbow cookies). That was a bit of the oops extra part.

Went home and worked on my costume and ate the rest of my leftovers, and later ate oatmeal for dinner. Didn’t eat the veg/meal with it, but I ate some extra almond butter L. Went to Steve’s. Had a gumdrop cookie his mom had made (unplanned) and my coconut m&m’s. That was planned, and also at the time I planned to restart the no junk on Sunday, through Friday. Didn’t happen that way.

Sunday started fine, breakfast, then bodypump at Woburn bsc. I was going to go try at watertown, but online it indicated that class required a reservation so I called when the club opened and was told it was full and to call FRIDAY if I wanted space in watertown! Maybe next week, or a week ‘m not coming to Billerica Sunday, I’ll try. Anyway, I went to Woburn, and it wasn’t that bad this time, as a lot of people didn’t show up, probably because of the weather. I was chatting with a couple of the other regulars and they thought that attendance would probably drop off a bit anyway as the resolution crowd decreased as well as the good weather droppers.

When shopping after that. I shouldn’t have, but I went to Sewfisticated. First I got there 30 min early so I poked around the other stores in the plaza, and then ended up spending an hour in the store. Because I discovered Unbeaded Beading Lace. 60 cents per yard. OMG. I bought like 16 yards of the stuff, and 4 yards of a lavender ribbon (10c/yd) for the skirt I keep wanting to finish and never do and wanted lace for but wasn’t really satisfied with what I’ve got. I started threading the 3.5 yds for that at Steve’s later. I don’t mind spending some time beading the lace myself if I can get it for 70cents a yard instead of like 3-5 or more at Joann’s.

Went home, ate lunch. Oatmeal, and spinach/shrimp/squash that sort of thing. Then ate MORE extra almond butter, even though I didn’t really want it, I couldn’t stop myself! Then went to Steve’s, and we went for a nice long walk in the sun. When we got back I had half of a Montreal bagel (brought by Steve’s aunt from. .. Montreal!) and dinner was pot-roast with a little veg and mashed potatoes, and dessert was this cool-whip-strawberry-jello-with –fresh-strawberries deal, which I sort of ate a lot of. When I got home I decided to eat a couple of my GS cookies, since I hadn’t had any and I was going to do no junk again for a while, so I had a tag-a-long and a samoa. Yum!

So as of Today, I am doing the no sweets again through next Saturday. So, NOTHING until Sunday. It worked well last week, I’m gonna do it again!

Anyway, I’m back up a little from all the food this weekend, but I got 144.2 on my scale this weekend! And I was way skinny on my Mom’s scale, 142, lol. Back to 145.6 this morning, but I think some of it is temporary. I decided to change my tracker to 146, as I spend about half of last week under that, and resuming my no sweets plus exercise lifestyle should keep me under this week. It was a lot easier not to go nuts when I couldn’t eat sweets, rather than just telling myself I shouldn’t.