Weigh In and return of the ticker!

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Since my scale wont repeat the same number twice in a row today, I am averaging.


Yes, decimal. It does decimal. Not odds, every 0.2, but I averaged, remember?

That means I lost 3.5 pounds in one week, and it was probably half water because of my period. I spent all wednesday and most of thursday peeing. I dropped a pound a day between wednesday, thursday and friday haha.

1.5 pounds to 200, 2.5 to my september goal of weighing under 200 pounds! And since my new scale weighs higher than mom’s, on whose scale my goal was originally based, I may in fact have already succeeded! I’ll know tomorrow for sure, though by the time I get there I’ll have eaten and stuff, but you never know.

I ate at the Cheesecake Factory last night for dinner with peple from work. I think I ate about 1/3 of my entree, which was the farfalle with chicken before feeling really full, but then of course I ate cheesecake, so who knows what damage yesterday did. Based on previous experience during this diet, though, I’d say ABSOLUTELY NONE. I eat well all the time, and since I don’t starve myself like so many dieters appear to, my body seems to know how to handle a large meal without turning into a lard ball. Long Live Cheesecake!!

I didn’t work out the last coupe days, either, do to various time constraints, but I only feel bad about last night, not Thursday. Thursday I know I dind’t eat too terribly much, because I did a rough estimate, and also I went to contra dancing (OMG AWESOME!!) which was incredibly energetic, just what I wanted, and so fun, and I only got to go to half this week, but plan on going more and it’s definitely worth a workout, I think. And I didn’t eat a snack when I got home like I sometimes do when I’m out late like that, because I wasn’t hungry, so I know I stayed so low with calories.

Last night I just didn’t have time. I thought about it, but when I got home I had to find some garb that fit for corronation which took a while. And none of it fits anyway, blargh. My thorny rose corset actually does fit, but it has to be laced ALL THE WAY, and I hate how the boning sticks up when it’s laced. It’s like they didn’t accomodate for the stretch of the fabric, however slight, that makes it stretch more horizontally and shorten vertically, so the boning is like a half inch too long. And the skirt is too big. So, I will wear my pretty blue dress, with a bra underneath (pout). I may try to sew a couple more rings in there today, I just hate sewing rings. I may need it smaller than I can manage just with rings, though.

And, I haven’t updated that ticker in a while, and its the first time in the 3FC blog, so, here it is!!

Hello world!

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I decided, after reading the 3FC forums for a while, and keeping an LJ blog that only I read and update, I would start a 3FC blog too and parallel my LJ one. Maybe I’ll be more inclined to write more, especially if it turns out my experience thus far has helped anyone.

Thus far, I have lost over 50 pounds since January first, 2008, from a high weight opf 255,  and almost 40 since “getting serious” in may or june this summer. It happened when one of my friends asked if I’d lost weight, I went home, and instead of the 241-242 I’d weight for about 4 months, the scale said 238. I don’t know why, but for some reason, I was able to do it this time. And I’m not stopping anytime soon, it’s going too well.

For anyone interested in what has gone before today, my LJ diet blog is username tarisaande.