Work, Work, Let’s Get Off the Plateau, It’s Spring-Sort Of

After 3 weeks of work the 1/2 of the training group that is left (including myself) got 2 more days of training this week.  After finally getting to the point where I was somewhat sure of what I was doing mechanically we were trained to do some more complicated manoeuvers.  A bit nerve-wracking as, as soon a we got trained my first calls were of course, ones that I had to make some decisions about.  Fortunately I am working, as many are not, so I am not complaining, I just get a little nervy at times.

I am STILL stuck on the scale but I am still sizing down even though it has slowed since I’m at a desk 5 days a week.  I’m going to try to step up my exercise this weekend-I am still doing the handweights but I’ve been so tired that I’m not getting as much cardio done…sleep is what I NEED!

We’ve had a very cold sping this year and we’re just crawling into the 60s now-things are slowly blooming and last year at this time I am pretty sure that the Tulip trees had bloomed already-the forsythia just bloomed at the end of last week! We’ve had a lot of rain, but fortunately for us we are not in tornado country. 

I will try to drop in again this weekend-

More talk later,    ; )





The Temp Job Groove, Plateau City & Figuring Out Those “Bad” Spells…

Temp Work

After 3 weeks at work I am getting my groove back.  I almost “get” the complicated software-which uses a retrieval system to pull in records from a database held elsewhere, and the transactions that flumoxed me 2 weeks ago are becoming easier, almost routine.  Fullfillment orders and address changes are becoming routine and I finally sound like myself on the phone-a person who actually enjoys getting folks what they need!

Of course, the situation is temporary and I am not unhappy about that, given my age ad because I am supposed to have my granddaughter for the spring/summer weekdays since she has to have AC when it’s hot out and her former daycare only provides camp for the kids 6-13 and no AC (asthma).  Additionally I am really done with “corporate” work on a whole.  I was accepted into the Art Therapy courses (minor in nutrition) at a good local college a year ago and don’t have the ability to do t until I hit 60 so I have to wait a little bit and just study essential oils and etc. on my own. I have been wanting to get into the area of holistic health for about 4-5 years and this will do that for me.  I may just do a few temp jobs yearly and save my $$$ so that I am able to watch the grands in the summer.  In 2 years my grandson will need the same

Plateaus-Not Even A Nice Place to Visit!

I am “stuck” and I am sure that it is because: A) I am not exercising enough and B) I am siting fr 8 hours a day 5 days a week now!  I am going to try to do the 2 mile Leslie Sansone walk today  even tho I am busy, busy, busy.  My daughter is complaining of visiting the Plateau also, but thre are other issues there that I explaine here, that happen to almost everyone.

Those “Bad” Times…

I know that although I am not losing “weight” now I am still losing inches.  I her case, my daughter confided in me that she has been unable to make herself stick to her plan regularly and/or exercise.  Her response to this is that she decided to tobuy Zumba for the WII to combat the problem.

Although it sounds wierd, letting your brain do exactly what the fat cells want, there is more to it than that; in her case she’s been having stress at work, taking classes, and thinking about where she’ll be living this summer and the stress  of it all can make you go bonkers!

For myself-I actually started this post 4 days ago an dI’ve been too exhausted to blog at nite!  work is much better but truthfully it’s not what I saw myself doing at this age.  I am too tired to do musch when I get home at nite and my “loss” has stalled too-stress? Too much sitting? Not enough of certain nutrients?


I try to exercise at least 1 indo rmile every 2nd or 3rd day and I know that I am building muscle but it is hard not seeing the scale budge for almost 3 weeks!  I did drop some inches (not much) here and there and I have not been overeating!  This is the same issue that I atalk about ad nauseaum-loss-wise things can crawl to a halt and then suddenly the scale show a ten-lbs loss over days!

Well, I am too tired to talk!  I try to post over the weekend.


Lowering My Calories and Shopping Time!

Resetting My Daily Intake

In the early a.m., after sleeping exhaustedly for about five hours, I was up, writing, and decided to check out to see if I was right: I need to drop my calories lower than I thought at first. For the past week the scale has been going up and down just a little bit, 2-3 LBS and although I am gaining muscle, I wasn’t happy.  Since I can no longer walk around the house because am tied to a desk every day now,

I added that change into the mix and realized that Ive been eating about 400 calories a day MORE than I should be. I would still lose weight but it would take almost 2 weeks to lose the 1-2 LBS that I’ve been losing, so I am dropping 400 calories off my daily intake!  Look to the left side on freedieting’s menu to find weight loss calculators like the ones that I use!

Looking forward to Smaller clothes-shopping CAN Be Fun!

My daughter called me early today, unusual for her since she had to work as the evening manager on duty at her store.  She and her friends were going out after work and she is finally tired of wearing baggy size 1x, xl  tops and size 14-16-18 bottoms from the last chunk of weight that she lost this winter. She fits into medium tops (misses) and a size 10 jean, possibly a size 8 slack but hasn’t bought dress pants recently.

In the dressing room she was complaining about fit and I reminded her that no matter what size you are, fit is always an issue, since all women are not a standard size and fit. She bought a cute black lace shark-hemmed vest and a cerulean (kind of like a cadet blue with a bit of green in it) tee to wear under it, and put her black belt over it.  I just got a glimpse of it but it was stylish and cute but casual.  In the car she told me that trying on clothes was actually fun now because things look good!

Although the major focus of my weight loss (as hers) was for health reasons, not looks, the added bonus of attractive clothing is a morale booster. She actually wanted to go to the Salvation Army to load up on a few pieces that she could mix and match, but my schedule is so off hers now, that next Saturday a.m. will be the only time that we can go.  I work on her day off now!

So-we can all look forward to FEELING BETTER and LOOKING BETTER if we just hang in there.  She has had her ups and downs too, and I am guessing that she lost close to 70 LBS plus wants to drop another 15-20 LBS, depending on how she looks as she loses.  She has a large frame but you wouldn’t know that now!

I am determined that this is my last bout with weight loss!

See Y’all Later, enjoy Spring!  ; )

Getting Through the “Plateau” and What’s A Serving? Plus Weekly Waaayyy-In & Tale ‘O the Tape….

Visiting the Plateau, Anyone?

A plateau is a very difficult terrain to visit on a food plan!  I can’t say that I am stuck-exactly-but my loss has slowed down considerably!

I predicted (well, I knew it was going to happen) it although I didn’t know when it would occur and it started last week-after 7 weeks of dramatic SCALE losses it slowed down to about 1-1.5LBS a week.  This is a natural thing: I was eating, I figure, about 3,000-4,000 calories a day, so when I dropped to 2100 calories and began doing at least 3 miles a week of indoor walking PLUS working out with my hand weights, I lost the water that I was retaining plus regular weight to the tune of about 30-odd pounds in 7 weeks!

Now I have had time to build up muscle, which burns more calories than the fat, but also is denser, and it weighs more than the fat tissue too, so the scale seems to barely move BUT I look and feel MUCH better and can wear clothes I couldn’t wear for a long time!  PLUS the tape agrees that I am shrinking. Imagine that I lost 2.75 inches from MY NECK in 5 weeks!

This was going to happen because I had been eating scads of inappropriate foods for almost two years and just grazed away during the day!  On binge-y days I ate toast (way overdone with too much peanut butter AND All Fruit) and then had my “real breakfast” 2 hours later, usually a big bowl of a grain cereal that would be fine if I just ate 1/2 a cup, but I ate at least a cup and a half!

For dinner I ALWAYS made the same thing for everyone and at times my portions were doubled!

Examples of portions: blue corn chips- at 140 calories a serving is just 8 chips. A cup of prepared mashed potatoes-I only eat those once or twice a week now-is just 1/2 cup and 200 calories. A serving of chicken or beef should be the size of an egg.

When the nutrient suggestions tell us to eat 6 or 7 fruits a day: a serving of apple is 1/2 of a medium apple, so if we eat a whole one-it’s 2 fruits!

And-what would a serving of doughnuts be-if it existed? One bite???? LOL.  Ahhh, I used to loved Sunday morning.  An excuse to eat baked goods!

Right now I just keep doing what I have been. Totally exhausted after 6 days of being trained “live” on a phone line, I ate my first “fast food” in almost 3 months Friday night- a small cheese steak and some zucchini fries from a local eatery-delivered. i ordered a small salad to eat tomorrow (for a change) and I have to say, when I finished that sandwich, I began to feel nauseated-it was yummy but too much food AND the fat, etc.

Waaayyy-In and Tale ‘O the Tape

I am at 278-279 LBS this week if the scale could just decide!  Of course, MY real truth is always the tape measure since I am using the 5 pound weights.  I am hoping to move to my 8 pounds soon but need to build up my stamina! The measurements below are in inches.  An example of inch loss versus weight loss is that I lost a total of 3.5 inches in the four body measurements below in six days! I lost 3/4 of an inch in my ankles in those 6 days too!


Bust        Waist        Abdomen     Hip

52          48                57              52


47.5       42.5            54.5           48.5

More Later! Have a terrific weekend, All! 😉

RE: Working:I’m Still Breathing and We Got Snow…and Hail!

****PS: I thought I had posted this on Tuesday and apparently I didn’t hit submit hard enough:

New Job

Every time a person who does call work moves into a new venue, the methodology and the software is different. After being at home for 2 years I almost passed out when I found out that what I’d been told was 2-3 weeks of training had been downsized to 6 days.  I was freaking out on Tuesday morning and finally told my trainer what my issue was-I was uncomfortable with the software and needed more training.  She was great!  That resulted in my getting some one-on-one training-what I am used to-and what works best for me.  Today everything turned around for me and I felt that I had a real good day.  Most of my classmates looked more relaxed today- so far so good!  It is a temp job but I didn’t want to be upset for months not to mention I would have never got up to speed!

Bad Weather

We got about 2 inches of wet snow, rain, and hail today, after the early flowers blooms and the trees budded!  hopefully they’ll be okay…

More later when I have more time!  ; )

Moving Right Along: Down 35 pounds and into a Smaller size! And the TRUTH About Artificial Sweeteners…


I refuse to ruin Sunday by dwelling on that situation!  It is what it is, and tomorrow is another day.

Waaayyyy In and Tale ‘O the Tape

I’m at 279 and in another 5 pounds I’ll have met my second goal of 40 pounds lost! My bustline and hips (both measured exactly the same at 52 inches a month ago) are now down to 48.5 inches which means a drop of 3.5 inches each and my waist dropped 5.5 inches.  My abdomen, since I passed into menopause in 2007, is becoming the hardest fat to budge, just a half inch a week, and I may need some health-related lipo there!

I was able to buy 1x knit tops yesterday and 2x in a shirt.  I may have been able to buy a smaller pull-on jean put they had no 22s.

I did add a PAGE today-re the foods we eat but only had time for one entry; I’ll try to add a few more this week.

The Skinny (or not so) On Artificial Sweeteners

DID you KNOW that artificial sweeteners  can make you CRAVE to eat?  They make your body think that REAL SUGAR IS COMING! We are better off putting a teaspoon of the real thing into our foods and just counting the 25 calories  (this fact came from my college nutrition class).  I am not saying that I never use them, but I only use stevia.

More later, enjoy your Sunday!  ;  )

Mind Loss (?) During Training and Tale ‘O the Tape

“Classes” in Work

I had heard so many different statements about the actual training time that was supposed to be linked to this temp job; first I hear 1 week, then 2, then 3.  It turns out that it is actually less than a week (today) and a test, a retake on Monday if needed, and if it’s not passed with a certain grade, I am outta there.

I had been struggling and right before the test I called a trainer over and figured out that I’d been making one mistake over and over again, so it was ingrained and although I knew everything else it threw me curve on the test.  Tomorrow I am going to see if I can get some more practice time, help, and if they’ll fix the contrast on the touch screen, although I’m not hopeful for the latter!  There is a certain amount of double creating of records because of the system they use and I had never run into that before!

My Food Plan, the Tape, etc.

I have been operating on 5-7 hours of sleep daily and I get up at 5 am to prep lunches ‘cos I’m too tired the night before.  I am having trouble getting enough food (!) and exercise because the lunchroom is miles from the training area and I just haven’t been dragging a lot of food with me, although I am not eating badly.

I know that I dropped more from my waist line and a few other spots but the scale isn’t down-and I know that doesn’t mean a lot.  I’m going to exercise tonight or tomorrow am and I am due to weigh and measure in, so I’ll get back on that!

Prayers for Japan and for all of us…

‘Later ; )

Weekend Parties and the New Job

We had 2 birthday celebrations over the weekend-one Saturday night at my SIL’s-an Italian meal made by her daughters and a lunch “out for my Dad on Sunday.  The Saturday dinner was wonderful with lasagna and a mozzerella, tomato and basil salad with basalmic vinegar that her older daughter makes- a lawyer in Washington DC, who also knits and runs a private bakery service on the side.  she also made the birthday “cakes”-cup cakes with a dollop of chocolate (mocha) or lemon icing on top.  My first cake in 7 weeks!

We had such a great time-I’ll write more on the birthdays Saturday as I am ready to go in less than an hour!


The first day of training-was, well training and unfortunately I started to to get really tired by the time they started having customer file practice as I’d been up since 5 a.m.  I hope that my attention span is greater this a.m., as I need to memorize these procedures!

More later!   😉

What We Do For Love (BUSY BUSY Weekend) & Why My Blog Keeps A Changin’

Showing Love to the Folks that are Close to Us

It figures that the weekend directly before my full-time temp job starts (actually 3 weeks of school to begin) is the busiest weekend that I’ve had except for the holidays! Somehow, with all the interviewing, testing and etc. I just plain forgot that I had TWO family parties, one on Saturday (this evening) and one on Sunday, PLUS, now I find out that Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday night, so I lose an hour of sleep. Years ago that one hour would mess me up for 3 or 4 days!

I did set up a ride for the first day so that I don’t have to bus in (it’s 2 buses for me) but I love my “down time” on weekends! There was no way I would/could skip either since tomorrow we are celebrating my Dad’s 85th birthday and the party tonight is for my sister-in-law, who’s been battling some health issues and lost her husband of 41 years 18 months ago. When my kids were growing up there were issues in our situation (not worth discussing now) that set up a situation where all I did was work, take care of my kid sand home, and family was my ONLY social life outside of workmates (I did factory work then and being social was acceptable there). My SIL was very good to me and had years of mothering experience behind her-I often called her at 10 p.m. with a question about fevers, etc.

So although I feel a bit rushed I am going to these events with love in my heart and I’ll deal with whatever I have to do to be there!

Why My Blog Looks Different Each Day*

I have been experimenting with the free blog page art and when I changed it the 1st time I realized that the “Updated Blog” label was gone! Then I tried another but the white background was too harsh AND the name of my blog didn’t fit; and I also think the black is hard to look at and the ticker can’t be read. I may have to try to set something else up, if I can figure out the HTML!
*PS-BTW looks as though “Magnolia” wins- it has the look AND the features that I want!

Breakfast Today

Was just a yogurt parfait: 1/2 cup plain non-fat yogurt with vanilla flavoring, stevia (1/2) packet, 1/4 cup raspberries and 1/4 cup granola plus 2 coffees (YES-I need it!).

Lunch will be? not sure yet. I may go light and just have a salad since I am having a birthday dinner at 6 p.m. Tomorrow I am ordering the salad bar (I only go once and I load 1.5 cups of lettuce on the luncheon-sized plate 1st) and you get a cup of soup with that. But cake 2 days in a row? I haven’t eaten anything CAKELIKE in almost 7 weeks!

I probably won’t be on every day after tomorrow as I won’t get home until 6:30 and ’til I eat it will be 7:30!

Later: Lunch

Lunch was: One sandwich flat (100 cals and lower carbs) about 1.5 oz. of precooked chicken (only problem is the added salt) 1 tsp hummus, 1 tbsp herbed mayo, 1/4 cup red pepper slices, 3 romaine lettuce leaves and 8 no-fat Pringles (I like the taste. It really makes little difference if you eat the regular ones and stay in portions; if you have less fat grams the sugars are higher, so the carbs are, and the little bit of fat is something that your body needs! We just can’t eat A CAN FULL.)
Snack-1/2 cup of sliced strawberries and 3 tbsp dessert topping (cool whip type).

More talk later… ; )

Yes, The Tape Measure Is Happy…New Pages Coming…Dinner Idea

Tale of the Tape

Quoting my post this am on 3FatChicks:

“Although the scale is slowing down and it registered a 2 pound loss this morning, the tale-of-the tape tells me that I AM LOSING INCHES. I lost .5 inch from the area between my waist and breast-which I measure as that is where most fat goes once I am over a certain weight; .5 inch form the abdomen, which hasn’t been moving (extra fat there) and a whopping 1.5 inches from my waist this week. Also it’s wierd but apparently I dropped 3 inches from my calves, which explains why my shoes are a size too big, suddenly! I blame it all on healthy foods (and restricting processed carbs), Leslie Sansone’s 1 mile walk and lifting 5 LBS weights for 10 minutes a day!”

**NEW** PAGES are Coming!

Because I am so on top of things (LOL) and don’t have nearly enough to do with my new job starting Monday, I have decided to add some new pages which will include different sorts of weight loss and dietary information.  I realize that I keep repeating certain info; I will not only give the information, wherever possible I will include where I got the information from.

Dinner Idea From My Kid

I was getting bored with my dinners as I am trying to eat beef only once or twice a week.  I am going to make some lentil soup today and usually It’s just lentils, veggies and broth but sometimes I add two links of brats or other sausage that I have snipped in to small slices.  I make it in the Crock Pot.

My daughter had a turkey burger and sweet potato fries last night so I am up for a chilli turkey burger and SP fries tonight!

I just flavor the turkey patty with garlic powder and pepper, a dash of salt and chilli powder or add a bit of chilli sauce.  Top with 1 tbsp of grated cheese.  Although this may be eaten on a wheat roll or a deli flat I will use a tortilla tonight. A Salad on the side or in my burger with avocado slices and the fries; so good! For the fries we just cut the potatoes up thin and season, then turn in bowl of 1 tbsp olive oil. This can be done in a plastic bag also, or you may just want to spray your pan. This can be done with other types of potatoes or squash.  Bake at 400 for 15-25 minutes (turn a few times) until crispy and  browned.

Lentil Soup

Rinse and check one bag of lentils

3 cups of stock (low salt and low fat) and 3 cups of water

or use just 6 cups of water

bit of kosher or sea salt (1/2 tsp or less)

pepper (1/2 tsp)

garlic powder or 1 clove garlic, flatten with a butter knife or mallet

2 bay leaves

basil or marjoram, 1 tsp

1 med onion sliced or chopped

celery, frozen or fresh, 1/2 C sliced

10 baby carrots or 1 cup carrot medallions (frozen or fresh)

2 links of your choice of sausage or brats (don’t use really hot types)

snip meat into small pieces and brown slightly-drain off any fat

place all ingredients in slow cooker on high for 3 hours or low for 6-7 hours.

Makes a LOT of soup and is hearty.  Serve with a salad, or if your diet allows

a crusty roll or a piece of bread.

I haven’t had my breakfast so I am going now…Bon Apetit! ; )
P.S. See to figure out carbs, etc.