I did day five of the 30ds today. Hubby told me I am not doing my pushups right apparently my butt is sticking up in the air a bit. I need to work on that tomorrow.

I went onto the dailyplate.com and signed up for that. It tracks your calories and it can track your exercise. I am just going to use it for food right now. I found out that to lose 2 lbs a week I need to eat just over 1,700 calories but today I barely made it to 900 I didn’t realize I was eatting so little. There is another thing for me to work on.


Today was day 4 of level one of the 30 day shred. It is still hard but I am making it through with less time having to catch my breath. Hubby tried to do it this morning and he quit. I told him he couldn’t laugh at me while I was doing it since he didn’t even make it through the first circuit ( he quit before the ab workout). I am going to do a little bit of my Wii fit later mainly so I can do my body test and then maybe some of the yoga.


today was my third day of the 30 day shred. It is getting better. Again I was able to keep up just a little better and I am not as sore now. I am loving this DVD but yet I want to yell at Jillian because it is tough how dare she want me to do something this tough. I will admit I have yelled at her .

Feeling much better about myself already just because I did it I worked hard. I was even in the mood today and I think Hubby apprerciated it. TMI I know but I haven’t been in the mood in a long time. I will take this side effect of getting healthy .


I got the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred in on Monday. Tuesday was my first day and let me tell you I am so out of shape that I couldn’t keep up. I woke up sore today but decide to do the shred again today like you are supposed to do. I was able to keep up a little more. I didn’t feel so sore but after sitting down I now feel sore again and I really don’t want to know what I am going to feel like in the morning after sleeping.But at least it is a good sore as in sore for a cause! I think this DVD is just what I needed.I would suggest it for anyone who needs a good workout and doesn’t have much time.


Yesterday I did 35 minutes on the treadmill and then about 10 minutes on the wii . I wanted to do more but hubby came home and took up my room by putting down the treadmill so he could use it. Then I had to try and find his mp3 player ( I have no clue what he did with it)what a waste of time.


I have been doing really well the past few days. I did 45 minutes on the Wii fit yesterday and didn’t over eat. I am about to set up the wii so I can do that. I am going to do at least 30 minutes on the Wii before I pick up my son from school and then 30 minutes sometime after but before dinner. I took Before pictures yesterday and got my measurements so I know my stats now. I am still in denile that I am really as big as I am .


Got out the Wii fit today and did the 30 minute free step and some hula hoop. felt so much better after doing that I really need to keep it up. I was going to do more but then hubby got home and I had to do something else . I will be getting out the Wii tomorrow also. Hubby got the P90X it is on its way to the house as we speak. I hope it is better then the Billy Blanks stuff I never could keep up and always felt dumb and it hurt my ankles. I know a lot of excuses right there.


Going to get my Tattoo filled in tonight Yeah I have been waiting till I could. I have been sleepy today not sure why but whatever.  I thin I will turn on my Wii fit today and do something fun to get moving a little. Hubby is home today and for some reason I find it harder to move my butt when he is home.  It is lunch time so I need ti figure out what to eat before I get to hungry and over eat. That is another thing I am working on eating when I am supposed to. I am not big on eating breakfast and sometimes I won’t even eat lunch then I binge for dinner so I am getting way too much to eat before I go to bed not good. I guess the first step really is admitting you have a problem.


These are always awkward for me they make me think about what is really wrong with me. I have had weight problems for some time now ( at least since High School).  Before I had my son I weighed about 140-150 right before I had him I was at 199 and after I had him my weight climbed up to 225. I believe I may have PCOS . I have not talked about it with a Doctor yet but that is a goal I have.I have not been to a Doctor since right after I had my son ( he is 6 almost 7) so I need to get with it and go.

To do

List of things I need to do

1. look into my health insurance to find Dr.s

2. go to Dr.

3. start eating healthier. ( have gotten better but need to step it up)

4. Start walking, Wii fit-ing, jump roping, other stuff to keep me moving