Hi ho, hi ho, I don’t know the goal to go …

So I just “got real” with my weight data (means I actually looked at the numbers) and see that I’m down 48.8 lbs since June 28.  When I recommitted to following a diet plan for 13 weeks, I never would have dreamed that I would actually lose 50 lbs. It was an unsayable goal, something so ridiculous that I wouldn’t speak it because it was so unlikely. Also, I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment, or worse, feeling crushed that yet again I didn’t succeed.

Well, I’ve done it! I’m more than halfway. I don’t know where I want to end up, but I know it’s less than 50 lbs more.  I’ve been scale averse for much of my adult life and could refer to less than ten “weigh-ins”– doctor’s office, start of a fitness program — in the last 25 years. There were 2 stints at Weight Watchers, but I’m now below the weights at which I stopped attending.

It’s probably far too early to spend much time thinking about this. However …

Maybe I should target a BMI = 22, which would be 170 lbs. The last time I was at that weight I was 16. And, I was still carrying one or two extra meals, if you know what I mean, when I was 16 at that weight.

Face pixelated to protect the identity of a minor.

Not that I wouldn’t be delighted to see that number on the scale, and that body. Well, let’s be realistic, there are +/-  25 30 (ack! I’ve lost my ability to subtract) years worth of gravity that’s got to be accounted for.

How did you set your goal weight? What suggestions do you have for someone who wants to get back (Thanks Leanne!) to somewhere she’s really never been?

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  1. pepagirl on September 22nd, 2010

    I set my goal in two ways: 1) I choose a weight that is around the middle of my healthy BMI range. 2) I find a person around the same height and make as myself- another pear that’s a small frame. In my case my best friend, she is a inch taller than me and weighs 140 and looks great. I am aiming for 125 b/c you get 10 lbs per inch and that gives me 5 lbs to grow on when I go into maintenance. Good luck!

    Thanks pepagirl for the suggestions. I’ll look for some smaller framed amazons (6 foot plus) whose shape I admire or aspire to. Not many of us around, you know? Have a great vacation and ensure you get that daily downtime!

  2. jelbelle on September 22nd, 2010

    Wow, that’s amazing!! GRATS! I didn’t really know how to pick my goal weight, but I wanted to do it so that, mentally, I would see it as attainable. I am 234 right now, and I set my first goal weight at 180. That’s not where I want to stop, per se, but I want to get to that weight first, because it seems more realistic to me right now, and I need the extra boost of motivation. If I get to 180, nothing will stop me from getting lower =)

    Thanks jelbelle! And I’m kind of thinking of an interim goal. Once I get there I’ll see how I feel and how easy or hard it is to maintain. Not. Into. Suffering.!!

  3. kdbug on September 23rd, 2010

    The old Doctor charts are out. I’ve noticed weight is not a biggie anymore when one is merely “overweight” and not “obese”. I’m 5’7″, there was a time when 125 was the advised weight. I hated going to the doctors’, because I couldn’t lose the weight. And man, did they every harp on it. Now I realize, it’s when you yourself feel powerful and healthy. When you know you are able to do ANYTHING you want. I’m at my goal of 150. I’m completely satisfied. 125! What an idea!!

    Congratulations on your success, kdbug! 125 for 5’7″ seems low — not everyone has the supermodel uber-slender bone structure. I love what you say about feeling powerful, healthy and completely satisfied. Way to go! Thanks for commenting.

  4. brseay on September 23rd, 2010

    What a great question! Like you said, it’s hard to know where you should be when you have never been there.

    I have also looked at BMI info and have set a tentative goal of 150 (I’m 5’6″). But I’m setting shorter term goals and then re-evaluating. My true goal is based on clothing size–single digits. If I’m a size 8 but 170 pounds then fine! I do lift weights a lot so I know my actual weight may be able to be higher. What I do know for sure, though, is I need to keep on truckin’ b/c 227 pounds isn’t where I want to be 🙂

    Hi Brandie! Wish I knew how to post a little icon of a truck for you. After I get the HIIT program going, I’ll look at strength training of some sort, probably for the same reasons you’re doing it. It’s so much better for us to be strong and have muscle — higher metabolic rate and leaner, slimmer body at the same weight.

  5. Leanne on September 24th, 2010

    What suggestions do you have for someone who wants to get back to somewhere she’s really never been?…

    Look ahead, and never look back… it’s not about a place where you’ve never been before, it’s about going to a place where you’ve always wanted to be…

    Really inspiring! Thanks Leanne! Am I in trouble now that someone from my real life knows about this? 😉

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