Out of the fat girls’ section

A pair of pants I purchased only a month ago now slide off without unbuttoning  or unzipping OR stretching the fabric. It is a source of amusement and raised eyebrows for ScooterMan, but that kind of fit doesn’t work too well outside the bedroom, or the living room, or  …

Someone on the 3FC board advised that skirts might be a better interim choice. Shopping in my closet I found 4 skirts that fit;  I’ll wear those until it starts to get cold. When skirts + tights just aren’t warm enough, then I’ll shop for more pants or, if possible, have the current pairs taken in.

Although a few Ontario women fought for and won the right to go topless in public in the early 90s, I’m not a stripper so that would be a career-limiting move.  What I desperately need then, is tops. I figure I won’t be wearing anything I get now for more than 4-6 weeks and I don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Saturday I was in Winners, an end-of-line labels-for-less store. Much to my surprise, many of the smallest plus size tops were too large and I had to shift my attention to the XL section of the regular clothing racks. There I found sweaters and blouses that fit — both body and my taste style. So for a little over $100 I’ve got some attractive good-fitting choices for the next month or two. When I’m too small for those, I’ll take them and my baggy pants to my favourite consignment store, Curvaceous Consignments, on Yonge Street in Thornhill.

I do like the costume jewelery in the plus size stores — the pieces are generally more dramatic. Delicate, demure and subtle isn’t really a look I can carry off. Imagine your surprise.

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