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Vegetable pie… but too much!

I had some crackers for breakfast, and for lunch 3 slices of vegetable pie. They were one too many, as my stomach seems to shout in its bloating. I am a bit stressed because this is going to be a hard work week, so that may have been the reason for the extra slice. Bad.

But on the flip side, yesterday I went to see a Portuguese movie I liked a lot, and I went on my own. I had some extra time to window shop for furniture and knick knacks, so I really enjoyed myself. As I was standing at a shop window I overheard a couple discussing furniture. She was preassuring him to buy something to start organizing their home, and the poor guy was trying to postpone things… It is good to be alone, if dating means that…

That’s all for now!

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By susana
On May 6, 2013
At 10:49 am
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