Is this time different?

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What a reward!

I have been trying to reorder my eating and I have lost 4 pounds in a week. I did not expect this sudden loss, so I feel really rewarded! I introduced only small changes so far:

No sweets.

Eat only when hungry.

Not eating sweet things has already changed what I crave for. As we tend to crave for what we generally eat, I started to think of fruit rather than of sweets and other junk like that.I just need to make sure there is a store of healthy food at home.

As to being hungry, in my system it is related to a small rumble, a small discomfort. If I am eating little fat, that is way before growing dizzy or weak. It is just the symptom of an empty stomach… I like “constructing hunger” in this way because it makes it depend on a physical sensation and allows me to grow conscious of my body, binding eating to the body and not to emotions.

I am not cutting on anyhing else for now. If not eating junk and eating only when hungry makes me lose, that is more than enough! I need energy to go on training, so I can eat a bit of everything –even pizza and fries– as long as I don’t eat for emotional reasons.

I remember now that these two determinations (no junk, no emotional eating) were the first I made a year and a half ago, when I started to lose and lost around 20 pounds. I think it is a good idea to modify behavior slowly not to feel deprived… What do you think?

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By susana
On May 3, 2013
At 4:39 am
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