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In maintenance since June 1, 2012


Second week in C25k

I completed my second week training to run 5k. Today I finished my third run of the week, in very cold weather and under a drizzle. I was Rocky Balboa! I felt very proud of myself, because last year at that hour in a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon, I for sure was curled in bed, watching TV and eating cookies. This time, as soon as my kids went to their dad’s, I put on my sneakers, a raincoat, and there I went jogging. I still don’t know what made me change so much. What I do know is that now I can wear clothes I had kept hoping that some day I would lose weight. I am even wearing pants I had never worn before, and which had been waiting in the closet for years! I am finally making it…
I would like to lose some pounds, but fortunately I am being sensible. Winter is a difficult time to maintain, plus my job is stressful, plus I am entering perimenopause, so it would be unwise to force myself to go on losing, if eating 1200 cals just allows me to maintain. I cannot eat less than that, so if I don’t lose, probably I shouldn’t, at least for some months.
By Sept 1, supposedly, I will be running 5k. Then, if I can, I will reduce carbs –not cals– to see if I can lose a bit more.
But it is alright as it is. It is the first time in my life I have a maintenance plan… Challenging enough, right?

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By susana
On June 17, 2012
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