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So long no post! And winter is here!

During the summer –in the southern hemisphere– I wondered all the time what would happen with my eating when the cold weather arrived. Though in the hot weather I could eat well and even learned how not to binge –I know I will always be a binger, anyway–, I feared the moment when the nippy air would make me need to eat. As in the past I always put on weight during winter, I thought that it was the cold weather that made me eat more calories, and that putting on weight as a consequence was unavoidable. Well, I am getting to see that is not so. Nippy air and all, I am not more hungry than I was in the summer, and though I do eat more hot food than before, that food does not need to be high calorie food. Yesterday I ate out and I ordered a spinach and egg sandwitch –it was not wow, but it was ok–, and then I made vegetable soup and have been drinking that… So, one more discovery: it is possible to be in control when it is cold too.

I am not losing any weight, though. My ticker is still at 54, but I gained a little –for no apparent reason– and have been stuck at 55 during April. I do look thinner, though, so I do not worry. If I can keep eating healthy all through the winter, that will be a huge achievement for me. This weight is fine, though 52 would be better –I am very short–, and maybe the weight will fall slowly if I keep at it… That does not seem to matter that much now. What I do care for is control and health. The peace I get out of eating like a normal person is invaluable, having been a binger since times immemorial.

Hope you are all doing great!

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By susana
On April 27, 2012
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