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On good health and a good life

I have gotten so used to eating right and not bingeing that I think I have really changed a lot of habits. Even my family see me differenty: yesterday evening they ordered takeout for me –I arrive home very late in the evening– and they ordered a vegetable omelette rather than the meals I used to order. I am not losing weight –I lost two pounds in March, and nothing else so far–, my clothes fit better and I am now wearing pants I stopped wearing in 2006.

I know I could be doing more: I could be exercising more, eating more fruit, lots of things. And what makes this more evident and at the same time puzzling to me is that people I know who always did a lot for their health –the right weight, yoga, etc.– are getting sick because of viruses or strange diseases… I really don’t know to what extent we can control our health. A bit disoriented here… A taste of mortality, maybe. So, what can we do to live well, not to get sick? Is it that we do all we can and then God, nature, chance or whatever you believe in does the rest?

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By susana
On April 19, 2012
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