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Back to basics

I have not blogged for quite a while, but am back with new energy and some lessons to share.

These past days I concentrated on keeping myself under control, which as a binger is a major concern to me, and went slowly back to bad habits: I stopped eating vegetables and fruit, and started finding it hard to keep to my 1200 cals limit. I did not put on weight –and did not lose either–, but went hungry most of the time and found it harder to not overeat.

So, back to basics today: the basis of a good food plan is a good pantry, right? So, back to buying tomatoes, fruit, lean meat… Leaf vegetables are incredibly expensive here these days, so I won’t buy any till they go down again, buy will make soup soon to fight the Fall chill.

The lesson I learned and which I would like to share is that we are never cured. I may lose the weight, I may get compliments about how I look –finally!–, but I am wired in a special way: my wiring will call for bad food and for little physical activity, so if I don’t police myself, I will go back to my old ways in no time.

My objective is to keep binge-free and to go on losing, no matter how slowly, till I reach 52, and then maintain for the rest of the year. It is a huge challenge for me, maybe the greatest challenge I faced ever, so I am quite pleased with myself at having finally tackled the weight/food issue and achieved some results.

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On April 15, 2012
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