Is this time different?

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On to new challenges?

The food is OK, weight loss is happening slowly but safely, I haven’t binged for more than three months now –unbelievable!–, I am not much attracted to junk food. Now and then I feel the desire to eat comfort food, but instead of depriving myself of anything I take a very small portion and move on. So, apart from continuing along that path, I cannot do much but wait, right?
So, on to new challenges: physical activity. My town is so hot in the summer that just surviving here is physically challenging enough –more than 100° for days and days…–. Now that fall is here, the weather is really amazing, mild and drier, with blue skies and light breezes. I plan to go walking often and to learn to jog. I have been reading about chi running, which makes a lot of sense to me.
But a new habit means a lot of changes. For some reason I did not build that habit before, so in order to really build it I have to understand why I have not developed a liking for walking, running or weight lifting. I think this has to do with my workaholism… I have to work all day to prove something to someone (?), so I suppose I have to understand that behaviour to know more about myself and see why I chose to work my a– off working and not jogging 😉
I’ll tell you what I discover! I’ll think about this while walking!

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