Is this time different?

In maintenance since June 1, 2012


Sooo patient!

Is there a prize or a reward or at least a hug for somebody who has been eating always around 1200 for the past month and has not lost a single kilo? OMG, I am so tired! But I will keep on eating healthy and waiting for the scale to move.

I have to acknowledge I am at my lowest in five years and that this weight (56 kg) is quite fine. I still don’t like the way pants fit me, because I am short and my thighs are plump, so I need to lose 4 kg to feel better about my clothes. I suppose it may take till the end of June (as Calorie Count predicts) to lose that extra weight.

Compared to the struggle that people with a lot of overweight go through, my plight is really stupid, but to me it is important, since I could never feel comfortable in my body. Now at least I can control my overeating, which is a tremendous success, but the fat is still there and I am too self-conscious to go to a public pool or to even wear tights to a gym.

So, I have to congratulate myself on my self-control and my patience, but not on my weight loss! Two our of three! LOL

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By susana
On March 15, 2012
At 9:20 am
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