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I haven’t posted anything for a while, mainly because as I am back from the holidays I am working 24/7 as usual. I have some good news I would like to share:

– I haven’t binged for 8 weeks, which is a LOT for somebody who thought she was abnormal –I didn’t know many people also ate huge amounts in secret. This is good, because one of my objectives is to learn to be in control around food. I have two St. Valentine chocolates in the fridge which I am not touching… Although I am back at work, I don’t feel the need to eat a lot before going to the office.

– The allergies I developed, which I first attributed to food and then to stress, are going away. Once I discovered I itched like crazy when thinking about my job, I started to relax when it started to itch and it is slowly working. Now I am writing about this my arms are starting to itch, but I just let them itch without scratching, which makes it worse… Undoubtedly the stress I worked out via food is trying to find a new outlet!

– I haven’t lost any weight in the past week, but I haven’t gained either. Just giving the scale time to get convinced. This is good, because now I know that if I don’t lose but stay stable, the new weight is “setting in” and my body is getting used to it, getting ready for more loss. I prefer staying stable to bouncing.

– Nobody has noticed -or said anything about- my weight loss. I lost 10 % of my weight, but apparently that doesn’t show. This is good, because I would feel embarrased if people gossiped about my weight. Maybe they are gossiping, but fortunately they are not making any comments in front of me. Shy, ha?

– Foodwise, it’s the usual 1200 cals and no refined carbs. Working slowly, but working. Exercisewise, not doing much yet apart from walking, but as soon as I find the possibility of scheduling time at the gym, I will. I need to by clothes for the gym, which makes me a bit nervous. I bought the running shoes, but nothing else yet. I feel really self-conscious in training gear… Very shy, ha?

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By susana
On February 26, 2012
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