Is this time different?

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And now allergies? What the…!

To the Zumba Video Fiasco I have to add (a) a four-day constipation and (b) food allergies.

(a) There is no veggie yet created, no breakfast poop cereal nor colonic massage that would help, so I had to resort to the dear old laxative in a bottle to see if I can go potty. I am in a hurry to, because this could be contributing to (b)

(b) As from last Thursday more or less I have been itching like crazy: hands, neck, legs, eyelids! I swear I shower, and with the usual soap! I am eating a lot of tomatoes, so I think it could be an allergy –I have a “sleeping” allergy which broke out more than ten years ago and then “went to sleep” again–, but apart from keeping me up all night –precisely, insomnia, me!– scratching and swearing, today it grew worse after I ate my yogurt, so it could be an allergy to dairy too. Today I will fast until the itching goes away and then I will slowly incorporate “safe” food –chicken, apples, lettuce, potatoes– and then the “unsafe” foods –tomatoes, oranges, milk, chocolate–. I WILL discover where this comes from.

So, imagine: with a raging sleeping disorder, zumba-impaired, poop-deficient and itching all over… but five kilos lighter! LOL

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By susana
On February 13, 2012
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