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Oh how ridiculous can I get?

I have been reading about all the physical activity that most of you carry out, and me without even a pair of running shoes in my closet! My “movement” is generally walking, and I wear sandals or shoes! So after a lot of thought I decided I could go the extra mile: I have already managed to eat within the limit of the 1200 cals, I have no cravings any longer, I have not binged for six weeks, so what is my next challenge? Zumba. Here in Latin America we call it “Ritmos Latinos”. There are many gyms and dance studios which offer lessons. I found one about two miles from home, and decided I would start in April. Why April? Because I wanted to get fitter before starting –too many young women who are too fit and CAN remember where they have to put their feet, all around me? That is the eleventh circle of hell for me.
So I ordered some DVDs to start getting ready for the lessons. OMG. I have not been able to go past the first five minutes, because the steps are terribly difficult for me! I am still trying to learn the first movements! I started with rock steps, which I am not familiar with, so probably I will turn to Latin steps. What is your experience with this kind of cardio? Have you also discovered that dancing in flip flops may be dangerous? Am I the only clumsy, deaf hippo in town?

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By susana
On February 12, 2012
At 11:40 am
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dysfunctionalbarbie Says:

I tried a zumba class once, it didn’t workout so well for me because I have two left feet and my body yells “I can’t move that way!” haha, keep going at it and keep us updated maybe I’d enjoy video zumba more than class zumba!


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