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On sleep and food

My food is on check (less than 1200 cals yesterday, including a little bite of dark chocolate). I have just ordered one of my favourites, a veggie pie I generally eat complete, but I could not finish it. I am leaving 1/4 for dinner or for a snack. I felt like eating the whole thing –my tastebuds shouted that in my ears– but my stomach was full aready –and the stomach has learned to should more loudly, or I have learned to listen to the stomach and not so much to my tastebuds.

Along this journey to good health, I am concentrating on my sleep, which has been quite bad for years. Yesterday I had the following objectives: turn off the light at 12; turn off the TV at 12; read before going to sleep. I could not do all that. I did turn off the light, but listened to the TV for a half hour before turning it off; and I did not read before going to sleep. So, one out of three. But I DID turn off the light at 12! So, this evening I will try to do better, keeping the 3 objectives in mind. I think that what I dread is the combination darkness/silence when I am not that sleepy. I’ll tell you how I do!

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By susana
On February 7, 2012
At 7:45 am
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janeemosher Says:

congrats on being able to tame the tongue! i have that same struggle – even tho my stomach is full, my tongue wants to keep on tasting the food… sometimes i just can’t seem to control it! but you did a great job. hope you have a fantastic week! you’re doing amazing.. such an inspiration!


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