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A very long day

This second post is just to leave some evidence behind me: I am terribly hungry!!! The day drags on, dinner never arrives. I grabbed a snack an hour ago (two tomatoes) and I hope that will take me to dinner safely. It’s weird, because it is not that I crave something in particular, but just feel uncomfortable because of the hunger sensation. I have some 500 calories left (as I am very short, I have to take around 1200 to lose), but I want to leave them for dinner not to be hungry at night. Sleeping is hard when you are hungry… I never get up to eat at night, and don’t like “hunger induced insomnia.”

So, just venting. I am so hungry! If I were not so motivated i would eat the trail mix I am keeping in the fridge! haha! I’ll be strong! Captain of my soul, master of my destiny!

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By susana
On February 4, 2012
At 1:43 pm
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nadya Says:

I know how you feel, I am rather short myself and I cut myself off around 1200 to 1300 as well. Do you use anything to count calories or do you figure things up in your head? I use and it’s helped me see possible food choices when I begin to get trapped.

Personally, if I had 500 calories left, I’d try to spread it out over two meals and I’d try to pick something that I know fills me up. I don’t know if that is possible for you or if it helps any but good luck. =)


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