Is this time different?

In maintenance since June 1, 2012


Uf! Two hours and a half!

Today I walked briskly for two hours and a half, running errands and pushing paperwork in different government offices, which amounts to interval walking. The sensation, afterwards, is so good! You feel so full of air, strong and energized! I still have some more work to do in the afternoon, which I will also do on foot.
Food-wise, I am eating only when hungry –three times a day, mostly– and having only the amount I need to stop feeling hungry. Food choices: yoghurt, All Bran, fruit, green leaf salads, chicken breast, lean beef. I am trying not to eat cheese –my weakness–. I allow myself to eat something outside that list if the portion is small. For example, I dined a tiny portion of Spanish torta –potato and egg, fried– the other evening, and I did not consider it a slip or anything, because it was a conscious choice. I decided to eat that tiny portion instead of my regular meal, ate it and moved on.
I am not calorie counting, but I guess I keep near 1200. I draw the line at sugar and refined flour, and eat none. So, it is somehow intuitive eating, guesstimating calories, a little low-carb, and trying, especially, to keep in control. I have not binged in 2012, which is a huuuge success. I will try not to do emotional eating, but to learn other ways of dealing with my feelings. The acid test will be next month, when I go back to work full time. I am quite nervous about how things will turn out both professionally –probably getting promoted this year– and regarding by eating habits. Would you bet on New Me or on Old Habits?

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By susana
On January 26, 2012
At 11:07 am
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periwinkle Says:

I guess since the title of your blog is, IS THIS TIME DIFFERENT? Then I will say “sure! what the hell, why not!” 🙂 …and bet on NEW YOU! We both are taking close to the same approach with our chow. I feel a lot better with my variety of smaller meals and as long as I don’t get too hungry I’ve found I don’t have many cravings. That sugar and flour is pure evil. Just makes ya wanna eat more, and more, and then you’re screwed! Jeeze, let’s not do that! 😉
Smart girl getting all of that walking in at work…it’s like you are getting paid to walk! haha!

susana Says:

Hi Periwinkle! In fact I’m on holiday and working on my time, so… You gave me an idea: I will charge my boss for walking! haha! Thanks for commenting!

periwinkle Says:

HA HA! That would be comical!

journey2skinny Says:

way to go Susana! Your plan is so inspiring and I sure would bet on the new you! You’re going to get to your goals, I so know it 🙂


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