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Surprise surprise!

I have not been losing any weight lately, which I attributed to my lazy tummy and to possible hormonal changes regarding my age (47), since I had not have my TOM since September. But today I got young again, apparently, because Tommy is back… Which makes me think I must have been retaining water these past days. Surprise surprise, oldie is not that oldie… And I will probably lose a couple of pounds this week when Tommy leaves. Who would have thought that this lady would still be troubled by these visits!

Wanted to share this with you because I have been complaining about my one-week plateau and because, though I was not sad about menopause, I feel happy it is not here yet.

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By susana
On January 23, 2012
At 9:15 am
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periwinkle Says:

It’s kinda funny! Old? Noooo you aren’t all that old yet. You’re still a kid!!! 😉
I turned 53 before Christmas and apparently I’m still not all that old either. Every now and then I still get a “Surprise” and THAT, my good woman, is what’s getting OLD. Ha-ha-ha! I crack me up!

and….”lazy tummy”? Oh man! Once it dawned on me what you meant I had a giggle fit…I was thinking like “lazy tummy??? She must desperately need to work on her abs”. lol!

I bet you’ll see some pounds take off soon, so keep at it!

journey2skinny Says:

TOM is definately notorious for water retention and also muscle soaks up water like no other so I think plateau is normal. Just keep doing what you and you’ll get there 🙂 The body will readjust itself. You’re fabulous and dont you forget it!

andly Says:

I’m glad you’re not there yet either, you are too young for that!!!


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