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D + D + A

That title stands for Discouragement, plus Discouragement, plus Achievement.

Discouragement I : Though my scale day is tomorrow, I peeped and I have not lost a pound along the past week. I know it is normal, but I feel discouraged all the same.

Discouragement II : My supervisor sent me her comments on my thesis and she utterly destroyed the first chapter. She corrected things she never objected to before, and is asking me to go back three years in my research and do something different. Huge, ah!

Achievement : I did not binge or break my food plan. I just sobbed a little –I am very tired of studying, and there is still a little girl inside me asking for daddy now and then– and then started to see how I could carry out what she wants. When hungry, I grilled chicken breast, made a salad and ate that. I also ate a raw carrot for fiber.

And… that has been my day. I have one more year to finish my thesis, so I am starting to think that BY THEN I will be thin, right?

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By susana
On January 19, 2012
At 4:24 pm
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caitybates Says:

school work is a huge trigger for my emotional eating so kudos to you for staying on plan even when facing a huge task! i know for me when i am working toward being healthy i actually end up feeling more in control and having more energy and patience when it comes to school tasks so maybe this new direction in your research will be easier than expected! (we can only hope!)

periwinkle Says:

1 + Year = Thin

…sounds good to me! 🙂

susana Says:

Yes, both of you are right, I think. I will have both projects in mind for the whole year. It sounds quite a task but the benefits are worth the while!


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